History 6 Week 19 Essay

There was an 180 day long festival that King Ahasuerus held before invading Greece, during that time he got very drunk. He summoned his wife Vashti, so he could show off how beautiful she was. She refused to come and in turn she lost her position as queen.  

When Ahasuerus returned from Greece he chose another queen. A young Jewish girl named Esther was raised by her cousin, Mordecai. But she kept the fact that she was a Jew a secret.

Haman was an Agagite and he hated the Jews. He hated them so much that he went to the king and asked him to make a decree that all the Persians should kill the Jews. Expect he didn’t tell him that he wanted the Jews killed. Mordecai told Esther of Haman’s plans, he told her to go to the king and ask him to take back that decree. She agreed and went to the king, after telling him what Haman was planning to do. Ahasuerus was furious, he hung Haman and made a new decree that the Jews were allowed to fight back the day they were supposed to be killed.  

After all of these events there was a feast that was held named Purim.

English 7 Lesson 70

Genres are different styles of books, movies or TV shows. For example Action, adventure, comedy, horror,  fantasy, drama, western, chick flick, mystery, and romance. Are all different genres. A few of my favorite books and movies are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson Eragon, The Hobbit, and The Lord Of The Rings, all fantasy book series, pulse movies, minus Eragon and Percy Jackson that I really enjoy reading and watching. Percy Jackson is more of a Greek fantasy/adventure but it’s still one of my favorites.  

Some examples of dystopian novel series that I love  are Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and recently I’ve started reading Divergent. Although I’m not a big fan of Romance, I suppose I could mention  a fantasy romance book that I haven’t read but I’ve had the chance to watch. Twilight.  Yes Twilight, while the movies are quite dramatic and really I should’ve stuck with the rule to read the books before watching the movies. I have  twelve books I’m currently reading, and most are a 3 part series, or four parts series, in some cases eight, and it wouldn’t be smart to add that to my reading list.    

English 7 Lesson 65 Essay

Topic: Choose two devices, tools, or gadgets that you would like to have with you if you were shipwrecked like Robinson Crusoe.

Remember that the devices must be transportable by ship, and that they are supposed to help you survive while on the island, not aid in your escape from it.

For this assignment, I’m going to assume my teacher doesn’t mean a modern day ship crashed. And we’ll just say a 1700 century ship, wrecked. 

For my two tools that I would bring with me would be an ax and a rifle. The ax so I could cut down trees makes a temporary place to sleep for the night. Then in the morning I’d take my rifle and try to find something to hunt, cook, then eat. After that I’d find a way to make something to bring me back to the ship, which we’ll just say it crashed into some rock and is stuck there. If there is a deck with livestock, I’d probably build pens to hold them while I work on a better safer place to put them and a better place for me to live in and sleep. I’d bring the animals back on my raft and put them in the pens. 

Little by little I’d bring things back from the ship, until I had all the cargo loaded off it, and anything else that I’d need. I’d have a house and pens for my animals. A place to purify and drink water. Hopefully there’ll be seeds or something to plant vegetables and other things.   

History 6 Lesson 16 Essay 

Pandora’s Box 

Pandora was the wife of a man named Epimetheus. She was a gift from the gods, his brother, Prometheus told him not to expect any gifts from the gods. But he didn’t listen to him and married Pandora.

Zeus The God of the Sky and Thunder gave Pandora a beautiful box on her wedding day. There was only one condition, she could never open the box. Pandora couldn’t understand why she was given the box if she wasn’t allowed to see what was inside it. 

Thought’s of opening the box consumed her, finally she couldn’t take it anymore. So when her husband was out of sight, she snuck into the room where the box was. Taking the key off of the wall she unlocked the box, but at the last minute she felt guilty and knew how mad her husband would be if she opened it, so she locked it back and put the key back where she found it. She did this three more times, unlocking it then locking it back and putting the key away. The thoughts of opening the box still consumed her. She couldn’t take it anymore, she thought she would go mad if she didn’t see what was in the box. 

She took the key and unlocked the box, expecting to find a teacher or beautiful dresses. But she found none of that stuff, instead she found all of the horrible evils that Zeus would think of and put them into that box. Disease, poverty,misery, death, and sadness all came out of the box shaped like tiny buzzing moths. They all stung Pandora over and over again, she slammed the lid of the box shut, Epimetheus came running into the room to see why she was crying. Pandora could hear a voice calling to her from the box, asking to be let out. Epimetheus agreed that there wasn’t anything else inside the box other than the horrors that had already been released. So they opened the box again. Out of the box spring Hope in the form of a dragonfly, it touched the wound made by the evil creatures. Even though Pandora had realized Pain and suffering upon the world she also released Hope to follow them. 

English 7 Lesson 15 Essay

If I was ushered into someone else’s world, I chose two worlds to talk about. The first is one of my own world’s that I created for a book of mine. I don’t have all of it thought out yet because it’s still in the working process. I was re-imagining Wonderland. The trees are a wild variety of colors, some have pink leaves and their bark is purple. Others have red bark and blue leaves, and so on. There’s a village full of the people from Wonderland. Some you may want to stay away from others are pretty friendly. I know there is not much to it, that’s only because I haven’t figured out the whole thing yet.   

The second world would be if I were to go to Anne’s world from Anne of Green Gables,  and be dressed in my normal and everyday clothes, like blue jeans and a t-shirt and maybe a hoodie and explore and see what it’s like in that world.  And see how people would react to my clothes.

History 6 Week 2 Review Essay

My favorite place in the world was Ancient Greek. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. Ever since Percy Jackson I’ve been really interested in Greek and Roman Mythology, and for some reason I’ve also been interested in Egyptian Mythology. I haven’t read any books that got me interested in it but I do have a book called The Kane Chronicles by Rick Rioran. Who is the author of the Percy Jackson series.  Anyway, back on track, if I don’t get back on track then I’ll end up talking about books. My point was it was interesting because my teacher talked about a story that I read in English. It was really interesting to hear that story again. Not gonna lie I forgot most of it because of the other stories I read. But I would one day really like to just learn as much as I can about Greek Mythology.  

English 7 Lesson 10 Essay

My favorite book is one that I just read recently. It’s a whole series, and I had only bought the first two just to see if I liked it. Turns out I did and I got the other three books this Christmas. This book comes high up on my recommendation list as well as the Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series. This series is called The Maze Runner, and if you haven’t read it then I suggest you do. I’ll be summing up the first book in the series. 

It begins with Thomas in this elevator thing and he can’t remember anything but his name. He doesn’t remember  his family,  his friends, or even where he lived. Then the elevator or the box as it’s called by the Gladers, (which you’ll meet in a minute,)  the box stops moving and the top is opened up only to reveal all these boys in their teens staring at Thomas.  The leader shows him around and Thomas notices that they have their own slang. 

Thomas is very smart but he does dumb things. He’s already on one of the Keepers’ bad sides. Then he wants to be a runner, runners go into the gairt maze and try to find a way out of the glade. Then one day the leader of the Gladers and the Keeper of the Runners goes out into the maze to amazon a dead Grievers, (Grievers are scary monsters that live in the maze, but they only come out at night when the doors of the maze are closed) But it wasn’t dead. When the doors are about to close Thomas runs to help the Keeper of the Runners carry the leader of the glade because he got stung by the ‘dead’ Griever. And he gets stuck in the maze. 

He survives the maze and the next day the box comes up again, but it isn’t supposed to. It was too early for needing more supplies and they already had a Greenie (Thomas, that’s what they call newbies). In the box was a girl and a note that said that she was the last one to come up from the box. 

After the girl shows up things start to fall apart. Long story short, almost all of the Gladers end up going in the maze, and they think that once they’re out of the maze that they’re free, but they’re not. 

And that’s the end of book one.       

History 6 Lesson 5 Essay

If I was there at the Tower of Babel when God confused the people by changing their languages, I think that mine would be Ancient Greek, and once I’ve found others who can speak my language, we would travel to ancient Greece. Not gonna lie ever since I read the Percy Jackson book series, I’ve wanted to travel to Rome and Greece. And I actually plan to after I graduate from college travel with my best friend and we’re gonna travel the world for a bit before we get the jobs that we want. Because we live in a small town and not many of the kids wanna leave and said that they will probably get jobs there, now i love my home town but I don’t plan on living there. I plan on living somewhere far away, and only coming back for a visit of two, or  three days, or one day. 

For Real The Last English Thing

So I forgot about my Research Report I had to do so here it is and now for real I’m done with English.

My English Research Report

Apache Indaians 

So before I get into the  Apache Indians. I was originally gonna do native indians tribes in New Mexico because that’s where I live but then I decided to just focus more on the Apaches.

There are 23 Indian tribes in New Mexico but I’m only gonna talk about one Apache. Historically the Apaches were very powerful. They  constantly fought the invading Spaniards and Mexicans for centuries. The U.S. Army found them to be fierce warriors and skillful strategies. 

Hunting and Gathering 

The women were known for their ability to find and prepare food from many different plant sources. They did most of the gathering unless there were heavier plants involved.   

The Apache got food from four different sources. Hunting wild animals, gathering wild plants, trading with neighboring tribes for livestock and agricultural products or raiding the neighboring tribes. Their hunting was done usually by men, however sometimes exceptions were made depending on animal and culture. The most common weapon  that was used to hunt with was the bow and arrow. 


They wore animal hides decorated with seed beads. They made buckskin shirts, ponchos, skirts, and moccasins. They decorated them with colorful beadwork.  


They Apache live in three different houses. Teepees which were common in the plains, Wickiups common in the highlands, if a family member died it was burned. Apache of the deserts of northern Mexico live in a Hogant.

An Extra Thing

Skinwalker Legend 

Ok, so my dad told be about this and now I have an obsession with the Skinwalker Legend and now the Wendigo but I’m gonna focus on the Skinwalker legend, it’s not an Apache legend but the Apcahe’s destan cousins, the Navajo!

So Skinwalkers are usually someone who was abosstated in witchcraft and the most common form they took when they changed was the coyote but they can be other animals too. I’m not gonna go into much detail about it but that’s basically it. But I suggest you look up more if you want to. There’s not a lot on Wikipedia about the legend but it’s still very interesting. 





English 6 Lesson 180

First I wanted to say, I meant to post this sooner but I went to Arizona National for a public speaking contest. And we spend New Year’s at my mom’s cousin’s house. Also it’s now 2022! Not Gonna lie I’m not ready…so there was this thing that my mo saw and she shared it with us and we said Jumanji. Instead of happy new year and here’s why.


OH! One more thing before we get to my essay. This is my lat one, and I don’t know when I’ll be starting English 7.

Writing is important to me because I love to write. This Class has helped me write speeches that I use for Prepared Speaking contests. It helps me with the books I’ve started to write, and the short stories that I write that sometimes I post on my school blog. 

Writing is important to my family because without writers we wouldn’t have all of the good books we share with each other and read together. Writing helps with the essays I’ll have in the future. Overall writing in is super important to me and my family. 

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