The Apocalypse of 2020 Part 6

Like I said in my last post it was gonna be a while for me to figure what was gonna happen next. And I’m sorry I didn’t think it would take me this long to figure out what happens next. But I talked to my friend and together we came up with some ideas. We were trying to think of weapons for all of the team, since Ava had her bat and we figured out what Ryan’s weapon was gonna be, but we haven’t figured out the others. We made Ryan’s to fit his personalty, and that’s what we want to do with everyone else. If you have any ideas let me know, I will greatly appreciate it. Sorry again, I had kinda forgotten about this story because I have several others I’m was working on and I recently got five show lambs and a show steer and all of them are a lot of work, so I haven’t found any time to write. Which really sucked because I love to write. Anyway I’m sure you are all like ‘enough with the excuses  get to the story!’ So I’ll quite talking and let you read to story.

“I guess he does.” I say. That night Benjamin slept on the couch which was fine with me. We didn’t build a room for him because Benjamin slept in the lab we built for him. He stayed there for long periods of time and only came out when it was time to eat. It was time to go out and get more supplies. I sigh, then climb down the rope ladder. 

“Guys, let’s go!” I bounce on the balls of my feet. Hurry up, hurry up. I pull out my bat and I examine the nails in it. I need to add more. Finally everyone climbs down. 

“Ok, we are all gonna go to the mall and get what we need there then we’ll go to the grocery store.” They nod. And we went to the mall. I got some clothes, everyone else did too then for some reason Ryan decided to duck off and grab a pack of pencils, we don’t even use them that much anymore. When we get to the grocery Ryan grabs some soup cans. We don’t eat soup, what was he up to? 


As I was grabbing the cans I needed for my weapons I was planning on building Emily can up to me, 

“Whatcha doing?” Her hands were behind her back and her black hair was pulled up in her signature bun. Today she wore a black tank top with tan shorts. I turned to face her with a smirk on my face.

“You’ll see when we get home.” She arched an eyebrow questionly at me.  

“Here.” She grabbed the cans from my hands and set them down on the ground. She grabs my hand and leads me to the back of the store. Uh, what’s she doing?! When we get to the back of the store she turns to me. God it was dark over here. That’s when Emily pushed me against the wall. Ah! What was she doing, her face was getting really close to mine. Then she kissed me! She freaking kissed me! She tasted like cotton candy! I love cotton candy! I love the way she tasted. I was shocked at first, but then my hands moved to her waist pulling her close to me. Her arms looped around my neck and her fingers tangled in my hair. She looked at me for a second then leaned in to kiss me again, only this time I beat her to it! We only pulled apart when the need for air became too much. 

“Woah.” I said, still holding Emily close to me, hehe, she smelled like apples and cinnamon.  

“Yeah,” Emily muttered, 

“Exus us, but we need to head back, it’ll be getting dark soon and that’s when the zombies  get really bad out here.”  Jason said, Emily sighs dramatically, 

“I was not done here, can’t you give us a few more minutes.” 

“Yeah, man, come on! I finally got a girl to like me! Don’t ruin the moment!” I complained. Jason and Ava laughed.

“You guys didn’t let us stay and finish our moment,” Ava said, 

“Truth be told, school is even scarier now that there’s no other people aside from the zombies. I wanted out of there, in this dark corner it’s not so bad.” I say, Emily let go on me but she held my hand instead. I menatlly sighed, I liked it a lot better when she was holding onto me, not just holding my hands, oh well, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if we cuddled on the couch! 

“Can we go? Listing four gives me a headache!” Benjamin wines.

“Nobody gives a shit about what you think Benjamin!” I snapped. He rolled his eyes, and walked off, but not before flipping us off. I flipped him off then led Emily by the hand all the way home. I got a girl to like me! I mean it DID take a zombie apocalypse for that to happen but still, I got a hot girl to like me! I hummed to a song the whole way home, man this really put me in a good mood. Emily seemed to be in a good mood too, I did a little dance as I made my way to the couch setting done the now empty soup cans, a drill, my pack of pencils, and a pencil sharpener.         

“Ryan what are you doing?” Emily asks me as she sits next to me. 

“You’ll see.” I stick my tongue out of the corner of my mouth slightly. When I’m done I hold up the spiky can, 

“This is what I’m using to fight off the zombies.” I held up the can proudly. She shakes her head, and lets out a small chuckle, I grab the other soup can and do the same thing to it until I have two spiky soup can weapons!  

History 5 Lesson 135


John Pemberton was born in George in 1831. He fought in the Civil War. He became addicted to morphine after he got saber slashed. He relished his addiction and experimented with coca wines. It helped with the morphine addiction. Unfortunately a law passed for no one to have any alcoholic beverage. So Pemberton had to think of something else for his morphine addiction. Pemberton invented coca-cola in 1886. Coca-cola is a sweet, carbonated drink. And my favorite soda! Back to the history now! It contains caffeine from kola nuts. Another reason why it’s so rare for me to have one. It has caffeine in it! Back to the history…again. Coca-cola originally contained cocaine. Then cocaine was removed in 1903. While we know the general ingredients of coca-cola the whole recipe is a secret. 

Pemberton sold coke in a pharmacy in 1886. Coca-cola company founded in 1892. Advertised on outdoor wall painting. Sopislacted image Advertised drink benefits. 

Induction Motor

Nickola Tesla was born in the Austrian Empire in 1856. Wanted to become an engineer. He went to work with Edison’s company. Founded Tesla Electric company in 1887. Invented induction motor in 1888. Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Stator and rotor.  Rotating magnetic fields make the motor turn. Ac power produces the fields. Sator fields induce magnetic fields in the rotor. The motor produces torque. Turns fans and pumps. Tesla’s investors marketed his motor. He demonstrated to engineers and businessmen. Licensed motor to Westinghouse. Led to the end of war of Currents. 90% of motors are induction motors.

Ballpoint Pen

John J. Loud was born in MAssachusetts in 1844. He was a trained lawyer, but went into banking with his father Interested in genealogy and church activities. Invented ballpoint pen in 1888. Small metal ball used as tip. Gravity and capillary action moves ink through the pen. Two inks: oil-based and water based. Useful on a wide variety of surfaces. Loud’s design worked as intended. He took developments in Chemistry to prevent ink from leaking. Major breakthrough came in 1938 with Biro’s pen. 


Whitcomb Judson was born in Chicago in 1846. He began patenting inventions in the 1880s. He was tired of buttoning his shoes. He invented the zipper in 1890. The zipper is two strips of fabric together. Little teeth are locked together. A y-channel slider. Quick and easy to seal-up openings in clothes. Useful fo carges storage too. Jusdson founded a company advertised at Chicago world’s fair in 1893. It continued improving. Hired an electrical engineer named sunback 1906. He developed modern design by 1923. BF Goodrich put them on their rubber boots. Levi put on their jeans in 1947.    

English 6 Lesson 130

If I was in the situation that the family from Swiss Family Robinson was in this would be an idea I have. No, it doesn’t really help me survive but this was all I could come up with. I think that if the family had more of a little tree house city instead of the one big tree house, they could use zip lines to get around. They could use rope for the line and heavy duty wooden suit hangers for getting around, they could twist the metal hook around so that it doesn’t pop off. They could use these zip lines to go from place to place in the mini tree house city thing, or go right onto the ground if they needed to go hunt for food. Like I had said this has nothing to do with helping them (or me if I were stuck in their position) survive but it would be a cool idea. It sounds fun even though I’m not one to do zip lining, going to water parks (I’m definitely not a water person I’ll drink but that’s it I won’t swim in it) tubing in the snow or water. I think I’ve made it clear I don’t like swimming. My point is I wouldn’t mind trying this zip line.         

English 6 Lesson 125

If I could live anywhere I wanted I would just stay right where I am. I’ll travel to visit other places but that doesn’t mean I want to live there. Unless there’s an opportunity that comes along that requires me to move. I know how to read. I can go anywhere I want to in a book. Why would I need to move? I think that going back to a small town in Texas that I used to live in would be cool to visit again. I could see all my old friends.  I would also like to visit Las Vegas again. Yes I said again. I went there when I was in 1st or 2nd grade for my aunt’s wedding. I don’t remember much about it. But I think it would be cool to go back there. My point is, I’m happy living right where I am. Also, I don’t want to move again. It takes too much work. Trust me, I’ve moved three times. 

English 6 Lesson 120

My favorite character or should I say characters, because I can’t choose just one is from the book called The Railway Children. My favorite characters are the children and their mother. Their mother writes children stories, and poems. I’m not one who likes poems that much but I do like writing. The Children’s names were Roberta, who was the eldest, Peter, who was the middle child, and Phyllis, the youngest. There was this nickname that the other children had for Roberta and it was Bobbie. 

I don’t know why they called her that but they did. The children are my favorite characters because they go on so many adventures, and I like to go on adventures too. Maybe not as many or as boldly as they do but still. For example. There was this time that Peter saved a dog and a baby from a burning boat.  I’m not as brave as Peter to do something like that! But I’m brave enough to get on a thousand pound animal with a mind of its own and run around in an arena with a barrel that you have to turn around without knocking them over, while going as fast as you can. Some people think that’s crazy but it’s just normal to me. I can be brave and do something like that but saving a baby from a burning boat that was docked is not something I can do. I do admire the children’s boldness. Overall I have four favorite characters from that book. I couldn’t pick just one.        

English 6 Lesson 115

The Greeks had life lessons in their stories. They believed in several different Gods and magic. One life lesson is from the story The Golden Touch, with King Midas. The life lesson there is that money isn’t everything, when King Midas acquired The Golden Touch everything he touched turned to gold. He was a greedy man. But then when he discovers that he can’t eat or drink because the minute he touches the food or drink  it turns to gold, when he goes to hug his daughter, she turns to gold also. That’s when he realizes that there are more important things in life besides money. Like family, family is really important. 

There are tons of Gods that the Greeks believed in, if I were to name them all I think it would take several days for me to look them up and write them down. So I’ll just name a few. There’s The Big Three, Zeus God of the sky. Then Zeus’s brother Poseidon God of the sea. Then Hades, God of the underworld. I’ll name just a few more.  Artemis, virgin goddess of the hunt,  animals, the Moon, and archery just like her twin brother Apollo, God of music, arts, knowledge, healing, prophecy, and poetry. Athena (I”m not gonna lie I think she’s really cool) Goddess of wisdom, warfare, and battle strategy.        

English 6 Lesson 105

Assignment:  Use my creativity and the examples of the stories this week to write my own Greek myth story. 

There is this Greek story called The Golden Touch. So I chose to write my own little version of the story. Where I try to convince King Midas that gold isn’t everything. (This is super short, sorry!) 

I was there when King Midas had gotten the offer that he could have anything he wanted.
“Your majesty, if I may have a word with you?” I asked, 

“Yes, I suppose.” He replied with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
“Your majesty, if you do get this ‘golden touch’ who’s to say what will happen, what if it affects people! What if it affects the food you eat and the water you drink! What if you can’t even touch your daughter? Think of her! What would happen if she turned to gold! What would you do? Pardon me for speaking my mind you majesty but gold isn’t everything! There are more important things is life!” He seemed to ponder my words. But apparently they didn’t get to him, because he proceeded to go on with his wish. The next morning I saw that the rose bushes were solid gold. I can’t believe he didn’t listen to me! I had to find that man that granted him this wish. 

“Please! I know you said you won’t! But his daughter is solid gold! Tons of things are solid gold! I know he’s regretting his choice, please help him!” I plead.
“Why do you care so much for this greedy king?” The man asked, 

“He is being stupid, gold isn’t everything and he’s learning that now. Besides, I think his daughter is cool. And I’m not insane enough to talk to a solid gold statue. I’m insane enough to do anything else but talking to a statue seems crazy. Even for me.” The man sighed. 

“Fine, I’ll help.”
“Thank you.” 

“Don’t ever ask me anything, ever again got it?” he said, I nodded, then walked away. Crazy greedy man. Maybe I shouldn’t have warned him, just let him suffer. But that was not the kind of person I am.            

English 6 Lesson 95

Assignment: Write an ad for a service that I’m trying to sell. Explain how it will enrich/benefit the person who will buy it.

SR- Goat tying school 

Beginner Classes: $5 Per kid. $7 for soft goat rope. 

About the beginner class: Beginners will start tying the goat dummy with a soft rope, until tying becomes muscle memory. I recommend starting out with a soft goat rope then as the beginners start to gain confidence and have muscle memory. Class will be from 5 to 7 on Mondays and Tuesdays or Thursdays and Fridays. Just like actually school students will have the weekend off.

Advanced class: $5 per kid. $8 for nylon goat string. 

About advanced classes: Students will learn to tie with a hard goat string, they will tie a real goat and they will practice on their flanking along with dismounts.

 Come visit me at 41 SR- ranch road. In Willow Springs.   

I’m happy to help any time, and if we so happen to be at the same rodeo come to me if you need help.    

English 6 Lesson 90

My mom and her friend want to open a feed store together. I’m friends with my mom’s friend’s daughter. We’re close friends. We want to add a large and small animal vet clinic practice to the feedstore.

Our plan is after college and vet school is to work with an established vet, to gain experience. When we’re setting up our business we have agreed that I’d take care of the small animals. Elaina takes care of the goats. I take care of the sheep and together we will take care of the large animals. 

My friend Elaina and I are writing books in the present. Hopefully by the time we set up our business, we will be published. We would like to include books in the feed store that our moms will run.        

English 6 Lesson 80

While reading Around The World In 80 Days, I found myself fascinated with India. While there were many locations to choose from India is my choice today. 

 I choose India because  because it’s interesting art pieces and clothing. When I see the pictures of the variety of colors on their clothes, it makes me think I’m walking through a rainbow. There’s bright orange, green, pink, orange and pink, all of them look so festive and fun, just looking at the colors makes me want to dance. Their art is interesting, from what I’ve seen of their art. Lots of it has to do with their religion. Like for example, The Hindu goddess Parvati, she’s the goddess of love, beauty, harmony, marriage, children and devotion. Or Nataraja, the Hindu god of dance. 

In the book, it described the varieties of food. The author’s discretion made me think I was there. There was this one dish that sounded really good to me, it was called Railway Mutton curry, it is a dish that is prepared with goat meat and vegetables. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.  

While I was taken around the world, India stood out the most to me, with all of its bright colors, and amazing sounding food. In my mind, I could hear the music and it made me want to dance and have a celebration.