English 7 Lesson 10 Essay

My favorite book is one that I just read recently. It’s a whole series, and I had only bought the first two just to see if I liked it. Turns out I did and I got the other three books this Christmas. This book comes high up on my recommendation list as well as the Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series. This series is called The Maze Runner, and if you haven’t read it then I suggest you do. I’ll be summing up the first book in the series. 

It begins with Thomas in this elevator thing and he can’t remember anything but his name. He doesn’t remember  his family,  his friends, or even where he lived. Then the elevator or the box as it’s called by the Gladers, (which you’ll meet in a minute,)  the box stops moving and the top is opened up only to reveal all these boys in their teens staring at Thomas.  The leader shows him around and Thomas notices that they have their own slang. 

Thomas is very smart but he does dumb things. He’s already on one of the Keepers’ bad sides. Then he wants to be a runner, runners go into the gairt maze and try to find a way out of the glade. Then one day the leader of the Gladers and the Keeper of the Runners goes out into the maze to amazon a dead Grievers, (Grievers are scary monsters that live in the maze, but they only come out at night when the doors of the maze are closed) But it wasn’t dead. When the doors are about to close Thomas runs to help the Keeper of the Runners carry the leader of the glade because he got stung by the ‘dead’ Griever. And he gets stuck in the maze. 

He survives the maze and the next day the box comes up again, but it isn’t supposed to. It was too early for needing more supplies and they already had a Greenie (Thomas, that’s what they call newbies). In the box was a girl and a note that said that she was the last one to come up from the box. 

After the girl shows up things start to fall apart. Long story short, almost all of the Gladers end up going in the maze, and they think that once they’re out of the maze that they’re free, but they’re not. 

And that’s the end of book one.       

History 6 Lesson 5 Essay

If I was there at the Tower of Babel when God confused the people by changing their languages, I think that mine would be Ancient Greek, and once I’ve found others who can speak my language, we would travel to ancient Greece. Not gonna lie ever since I read the Percy Jackson book series, I’ve wanted to travel to Rome and Greece. And I actually plan to after I graduate from college travel with my best friend and we’re gonna travel the world for a bit before we get the jobs that we want. Because we live in a small town and not many of the kids wanna leave and said that they will probably get jobs there, now i love my home town but I don’t plan on living there. I plan on living somewhere far away, and only coming back for a visit of two, or  three days, or one day. 

For Real The Last English Thing

So I forgot about my Research Report I had to do so here it is and now for real I’m done with English.

My English Research Report

Apache Indaians 

So before I get into the  Apache Indians. I was originally gonna do native indians tribes in New Mexico because that’s where I live but then I decided to just focus more on the Apaches.

There are 23 Indian tribes in New Mexico but I’m only gonna talk about one Apache. Historically the Apaches were very powerful. They  constantly fought the invading Spaniards and Mexicans for centuries. The U.S. Army found them to be fierce warriors and skillful strategies. 

Hunting and Gathering 

The women were known for their ability to find and prepare food from many different plant sources. They did most of the gathering unless there were heavier plants involved.   

The Apache got food from four different sources. Hunting wild animals, gathering wild plants, trading with neighboring tribes for livestock and agricultural products or raiding the neighboring tribes. Their hunting was done usually by men, however sometimes exceptions were made depending on animal and culture. The most common weapon  that was used to hunt with was the bow and arrow. 


They wore animal hides decorated with seed beads. They made buckskin shirts, ponchos, skirts, and moccasins. They decorated them with colorful beadwork.  


They Apache live in three different houses. Teepees which were common in the plains, Wickiups common in the highlands, if a family member died it was burned. Apache of the deserts of northern Mexico live in a Hogant.

An Extra Thing

Skinwalker Legend 

Ok, so my dad told be about this and now I have an obsession with the Skinwalker Legend and now the Wendigo but I’m gonna focus on the Skinwalker legend, it’s not an Apache legend but the Apcahe’s destan cousins, the Navajo!

So Skinwalkers are usually someone who was abosstated in witchcraft and the most common form they took when they changed was the coyote but they can be other animals too. I’m not gonna go into much detail about it but that’s basically it. But I suggest you look up more if you want to. There’s not a lot on Wikipedia about the legend but it’s still very interesting. 





English 6 Lesson 180

First I wanted to say, I meant to post this sooner but I went to Arizona National for a public speaking contest. And we spend New Year’s at my mom’s cousin’s house. Also it’s now 2022! Not Gonna lie I’m not ready…so there was this thing that my mo saw and she shared it with us and we said Jumanji. Instead of happy new year and here’s why.


OH! One more thing before we get to my essay. This is my lat one, and I don’t know when I’ll be starting English 7.

Writing is important to me because I love to write. This Class has helped me write speeches that I use for Prepared Speaking contests. It helps me with the books I’ve started to write, and the short stories that I write that sometimes I post on my school blog. 

Writing is important to my family because without writers we wouldn’t have all of the good books we share with each other and read together. Writing helps with the essays I’ll have in the future. Overall writing in is super important to me and my family. 

Pin on aaaawwww hell naawwww

Also I saw this and had to post it cause it was funny

English 6 Lesson 175

This year I learned a lot and it has helped me with writing my stories. My two favorite books were The Railway Children by E. Nesbit,  The Cat of Bubastes by G. A. Henty, A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys by Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Tanglewood Tales by Nathaniel Hawthorne. All of those books were old timey and something different than what I usually like to read so I’m glad I had the opportunity to read them. This whole course was fun and I learned a lot. 

History 5 Lesson 180

Before I start the Essay I just wanted to say that this is the last lesson for History 5, I don’t know when I will be starting History 6 but I’m enjoying my break from a least one subject.

Throughout both courses of this History, I have learned to take very good notes on things. Especially for when I have to write my essays. I’m The Secretary for the 4-H Council, and for my club. As well as the Secretary for my FFA Chapter, and thanks to this course, I’ve learned to take notes and picea those notes together to make something. I’ve learned a whole lot from this course because I find myself watching movies that have to do with historical objects and I see something I learned about from History. I started telling my parents about it. Sometimes they are shocked, other times they give me more information about the invention. Especially the ones that have to do with agriculture, because my mom is a Highschool AG teacher.

History 5 Lesson 175

Flash Memory

Fujio Masuoka was born in Japan in 1943. He went to work with Toshiba. Worked with metal-oxide semiconductor memory. Invented improved EEPROM he called “flash” memory in 1981. Flash:solid-state memory that can be quickly erased and written to . Stable and resistant to environmental effects. MOSFET; most common transistor. Stored charye signals. Published TEEE paper on NAND. Intel introduced the first chip in 1988. The Sandisk was founded in 1988. Compact Flash format launched in 1994. Used in hard drives beginning in 2007. 


James Russewell patented disc writing tech in 1966. Philips and Sony partnered in 1970 on standardized CD format. CDs overtook tapes in 1992. Developed CD-Rom format in 1985. 4.7inches, 650 MB. 33,000 sectors 2,352 bytes per sector.  Pits punched into aluminum. CD-Rom,65 times more space than hard drives in 1985. Microsoft shipped the first CD-Rom software in 1987.  CD-Rom drives became standard features on PCS in the 1990s. Magazines packed CDS full free of software in their pages. 

Cellular Phone

Concept of mobile phones emerged early. Car phones appeared in the 1940s. AT & T released IMTS in 1965. Bell labs developed cellular concepts beginning in 1947. Took 20 years for tech to develop. Martin Cooper led cell phone development at motorola. Cell phones were invented in 1973. Benefit: “Mobile” phone. Connects users to landline networks through radio. Large areas divided into cells. Increases the number of users possible. Cell ndworks were launched beginning in 1979. AMPS deployed in multiple countries. DynaTAC released in 1983. Ads conveyed the benefits. 4G (lTE) appeared in 2010. 

World Wide Web

Tin Bernes-Leo was born in England in 1955. Degree in physics, worked in telecom industry. Joined CERN in 1980. Scientists had difficulty sharing files. Developed ENQUTRE over 6 mo. Returned in 1984. Invented world wide web in 1990-1991. The www-stored info. URL is the page address on the net. Embed links make accessing additional info easy. Easily retrieve knowledge. Subdomains: ww,ftp, ect. Tin, come up with a world wide web. First  website explained how to use www. Internet  consortium formed in 1994 Netscape released in 1994. Microsoft’s browser appeared in 1995.

An Idea, Let’s See Where It Goes

This is a stupid name for this post, but I’m not feeling creative, besides I do have an idea and I want to see where it goes. So there is this big black dog hanging around our house for the past couple of days. He’s been eyeing out goat. So obviously he’s probably trouble. I don’t was him to eat out goat. Anyway, a couple of days ago he was sitting up on one of the hills at our house, I swear he was watching us. He was just sitting there his ears perked up. Have I mentioned that he was big? I think I did but just in case I’m saying it again. That’s not the creepy part, the creepy part is that a few crows were circling him. So then I got this idea for a story, yes, I get idea’s for stories in the most random and sometime creepy situations. Can you blame me though? I think this will be a good one. I’m not sure yet. Ok, by now you are either bored with what I have to say or your thinking get on with it. Well my idea is what if this man and his wife just moved into the man’s father’s ranch and on that ranch there was this dog, well what if the dog haunting them, because of something the man’s family did years ago. But only members of that family can be haunted and if they are currently staying or living at that ranch. Anyone else who lived at that ranch was fine. And I know I said that I would work on that one zombie apocalypse story thing I had going but, I think I might give up on it and work on this short story. Now here’s the thing, should I post what I have of the story written so far? Do you the people who chose to read this want a sneak peak of it? Comment if you do, if you don’t then I shall leave it a mystery   until I’ve written all of it. *Evilly laughs as I disappear into the darkness and into my hobbit hole which I  chose to come out from*

I don’t know why I put that but I thought it would be funny. I think one of my other personalities took over. Which personalty you may ask? The one with a very bad taste in humor.

History 5 Lesson 170

TCP/ IP Internet Protocol

Telephones use circuit switching. Packet switching was developed in the 1960s. Network protocol improved for ARPANET computers. HOw to allow satellites to talk to ARPANET. TCP/IP allows computers to talk over the network. Four “layers”: hardware Internet, transport application. Routers forward “packets” to nodes. Stanford and London communicated in 1972. Big companies adopted it. Companies TCP/IP add-ons for operating systems. Microsoft included it for free beginning with Windows 95.

Graphical User Interface

Sutherland from ARPANET developed sketchpad. Doug Engelbart invented the mouse in 1960. Xerox opened PARC in 1969. GuI invented at RARC in 1973. GUI: Interface between humans and computers. Mouse translates human motion into digital commands. Allows people to easily use computers. It maximizes user efficiency. Xerox’s Alto was too expensive. Word spread through silicon valley about it. Steve Jobs and Apple toured PAR in 1979. Jobs developed Lisa, $9,995. Motorola’s 6800 processor was powerful. Apple released Macintosh in 1989.

Steve Jobs  

Steve Jobs was born in 1955, Steve’s adopted father Paul was a handyman. Steve learned about details from his dad. He made his parents move to escape bullies. Met Steve Wozniak at a new school in cupertino. Went to work for Atari. Co-founded apple computer in 1976. Apple computers led computing and consumer electronics. Jobs left them, returned to Apple and launched iMac, ipd, iphone, iPad.  Found NEXT after Apple. He developed Pixar into a major movie production company. Then became Disney’s largest shareholder in 2006. Jobs understood the purpose. Developed a trademark look and teased his audience. There were catchy commercials. Understood the point of entrepreneurship. 

Bill Gates 

Bill Gates was born in 1955. He began programming in PASIC when 13 year old. Bill Gates and Pual Allen were early hackers. Gates wrote a program that put him in class with all the pretty girls. He went to Harvard and met Steve Ballmer. He read about Altair in 1975. Dropped out of HArvard to develop software for Altair. Founded Microsoft in 1976. Gates stuck with Microsoft from 1975 to 2008/2012. Microsoft office software is used by billions of people. Brought welsbrowsing to the mainstream privslic with windows. Gates kept Microsoft in line with its mission. Hada fiery personality, Ired Steve Ballmer in 1980. Ballmer led Microdot through the Xbox launch. Gates’s wife Melinda convinced him to form the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

History 5 Lesson 165


Thomson was born in NEw Orleans in 1943. Ritch was born in New York in 1941. They were the last of the Bell Labs engines to leave Muitics. Thompson kept playing on his computer. They invented the Unix in 1969. UNIX doesn’t matter what hardware it runs on. Programs do just one thing. Output becomes input. Rewrite and delete often. Build more tools, don’t just add people. Kerns shell programs. Shell: comets user to kernel. Hierarchical life system. Design for multiple users and security. Bell Lab’s used unix at work. Invented “C” programming language to port to other computers. Bell Labs licensed to other companies. College students took it with them to the business world. Steve Jobs built a Unix-based operating system called NeXISTEP. 


Robert Noyce, founder of Intel. Busicom asked Intel to build a processor for their calculator in 1969. Intel identified problems. Intel revised the chip’s design and reduced its complexity. Created the first microprocessor the 4004 in 1971. Microprocessor: processing and control. ALU is a fundamental building block. ALUs can be combined to make FPUs GPUs. Control unit driven by a crystal clock manages operations. Same processor design can be used in multiple applications. Busicom released exclusive rights of 4004 to Intel. Advertised programmable computer on a chip. Followed up with an 8-bit processor that led Altair. With a sparkling microcomputer. Apple computer founded in 1976. 

Video Game Console 

Ralph Baer was born in Germany in 1922. Climbed the electronic industry. Began working on TV projects for the military in the 1950s. Came up with the idea for a TV game in 1966.  He convinced the CEO to approve more funding. Magnavox Odyssey was released in 1972. Video game console: Computer that displays games on TV. Wireless controllers gyroscope. Provides entertainment experience possible. Odyssey sold pretty well. Pon appeared in 1972. Atew 2600 released in 1977. Great video game crash of 1983. Nintendo revived the industry with the NES in 1985. 


First VCRS released to the commercial industry in 1956. The JVC company wanted to develop records for consumers. Sony developed Betamax JVC developed VHS. Betmans could only record 1 hour. The VHS-playing VCR was released in the US in 1977. Tape heads transfer information from tape to screen. The heads spin ganist magnetic tape. Magnetic fields in the tape head read or write data to and from tape.  Several consumer benefits. It was programmable. It became cheaper to record home movies. Initial resistance from movie studios. Consumers wanted longer recording time. RcA released a 4-hour recorder Several competing VHS models appeared.