School Science Story thing

So most of you know the post I did that was titled Science 5 Lesson 132 well this is the story I was talking about. I am not done with the story bur here is kind of a preview.


Where are they? They should have been here by now, I look down at my watch as I saddle my horse. It’s 3:00. Now I won’t scold my friends for being late to the rodeo, but I hoped that we could’ve warmed up our horses together. I hate the idea of having to deal with Patricia and her followers alone. Soon I see Shawn’s rig pull up right next to mine, then Kayla’s followed and did the same thing. I walk up to Shawn’s truck and smile,

“Good afternoon” I say, 

“Sup” he replies,

“ I know we’re late but I have a reason for this. Kayla was trying out for volleyball and I was trying out for football” I looked at Shawn with some surprise I didn’t know he or Kayla liked sports. The only sport I do is rodeo and that’s final ( I’m not a big fan of sports).  

“Oh cool, I didn’t know you liked sports” he chuckled, by this time Kayla came up and joined in on our conversation.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about us” Kayla says,

“Apparently, guys we’ve been friends for three years and I am just now finding out that you like sports!” Shawn and Kayla laugh,

“Yep” Kalya says 

“What else do I not know about you two?”

“You know everything else about us Annie. It’s just that you didn’t know that we liked sports, but now you do” Shawn said. Shawn was the only one who called me Annie that was my real name but as soon as we became friends Kayla decided that we needed nicknames for each other, Shawn didn’t like the idea but I was cool with it. So my nickname became Ann and Kayla’s was K. Kayla thought that Shawn’s should be Shawnie boy or S, but he hated them so he is just Shawn. And now that nickname (Shawnie) has become an inside joke with all of us. Now technically K didn’t come up with the nickname Shawnie, it was actually his grandmother. 

We were sitting in her kitchen  thinking of a nickname for Shawn when his grandma suggested Shawnie. She called him that a lot so when his grandma suggested it, he turned red. Anyway it’s now an inside joke. Me and Kayla always call him that but we soon stop because he gets annoyed with us and walks off so then we have to beg him to come back finally he rolls his eyes and says, 

“Fine but you must promise me to not call me that the rest of the day” K agrees and that’s how it usually is. 

“Shawn do you want me to upload your horse for you?” I say. I really wanted to get started on this whole warming our horses thing so maybe we can avoid Patricia. But we were too late. I can hear her music blasting before she even pulls up. She is still clear by the highway! I know the song that is playing, it’s Rodeo by Garth Brooks. Now I loved that song, but she annoyed me by playing it. I think she annoyed everybody else too because I could a couple of people say,

“Well here comes Patricia Thogmorton The 3rd” She ruined people’s day well, not really ruin but people like quiet before they compete, or at least as quiet as you can get, but most people like to hear the sound of animals (horses) instead of someone’s loud music blasting!  

“Yeah that’d be great thanks” Shawn replies, it takes me a minute to realize he was answering the question I had just asked him. I walk to the end of the trailer and open the end door. I click to Snowfire and Thunder Shawn’s two horses letting them know I was there.  I grab Snowfire’s halter and lead her out of the trailer and to the tying ring I tie her lead and I place my hand on her rump and keep it on the buckskin mare until I reach the end of the trailer, then I go into the trailer and grab Thunder’s halter and tie him up as well.  I make my way back to Shawn’s truck. 

“How’s Willow K?” I ask,

“Oh I’m not riding Willow today” Kayla says,

“Then who are you riding?” 

“My new horse, Moonlight”

“That’s cool that you got a new horse but Willow still has plenty of years in her does’t she?”

“Yeah she does but I thought I would try out Moonlight”

“Has she ever been to a rodeo?” 

“Yeah she has. Don’t worry Ann I  have ridden her so it’s not like I bought her then just took her to the rodeo, beside if things don’t go well in the first event I brought Willow” I sighed a little with relief, when one of my friends get a new horse I have to make sure ( I don’t have too but I do) that they have ridden the horse and that they are comfortable with the horse before they take the horse to the rodeo. I just don’t want them to end up with a horse like Copper. 

Every time I ask him to go fast he blows up and acts like the broncs in the bronc riding. Ugh he is the worst! Shawn always takes an extra horse just in case, sometimes he offers for me to ride Snowfire but I say no I have to break him of this habit ( it’s going to take a loooong time before I can break him of the habit). 

“Good now go saddle so we can warm up, and if we’re lucky we might be able to avoid Paticia”      

“Ok” And with that Kayla took off to her trailer and started to unload  her horses I got to see the new horse kayla had brought, Moonlight was a jet black horse she was really pretty then she unloaded Willow her dappled grey horse, she took them around to the other side so she could saddle. Kayla was definitely going to stand out with her horses. She had the two most uncommon colors here. 

Now they were not really uncommon but here in our rodeo family (all the kids that rodeo here) had all buckskin horses or just grey horses not dappled grey just grey like my horse Copper and sorrel horses like Shawn’s other horse Thunder. Oh yeah and I can’t leave out the bay horses. I make my way back to my trailer  and go inside the tack room. I come out with a bridle and I put it on Copper, I lead him a few steps and then I throw the reins over his neck then step on I ride back to Shawn’s truck where he has both horses saddled already! How does he do that? I did not take a long time to put the bridle on Copper and then get on!! What! Shawn puts his bridle on Snowfire’s saddle horn and then unties her from the trailer, he mounts Thunder and grabs Snowfire’s lead. And with that we head over to Kayla’s trailer where she has just finished saddling Willow. 

She did the same thing as Shawn but she mounted Moonlight instead of Willow.  It was strange to me that she was riding a different horse instead of Willow.  We took off towards the arena. The song changed it was, “I wish Grandpas never died” by Riley Green Patricia had pulled in the parking lot and was now unloading her horse, and saddling him. Patricia had tons of money and she showed it by her clothes, rig, and horse. But she was not the nicest person in the world.  

We were soon at the gate of the arena. I reached down and opened the gate and Shawn and Kayla rode through and I closed the gate. We take off in a walk in the arena, we make one circle around the arena then we take off in a trot, after we make a circle we lope. Then we do our own thing. I turn my horse around and do the same thing the other way.  

By the time I make a circle in a lope all that way around the arena Patricia has made her way into the arena and is warming up her horse. Oh great now Clumsy and Clueless will be here next. That’s not really their names but that’s what me Shawn and Kayla call them. They are Patricia’s two followers Clare and Mindy. Mindy is Clumsy and Clare is Clueless or Clueless Clare. I know that if Patricia is here that means that Mindy and Clare will be here soon. I ride up to Kayla who is now getting on Willow.

“Is everything ok?” I ask,

“Yeah I am just getting on Willow to warm her up a bit. I know she probably is but I just thought I would get on her and have some one on one time with her” Katla said,

“Oh good I just thought something was wrong with Moonlight”

“No we’re all good, see Shawn is doing the same thing but he is tying Thunder to the fence and getting on Snowfire”

“Are you going to tie Moonlight to the fence?”

“Yeah” Kayla gets on Willow and grabs Moonlight’s lead, she walks Willow over to Thunder and ties Moonlight next to him. She then takes off in a trot around the arena. By now every one that rodeoed here was here. Midny and Clare were here, and Clive. Clive was here……. in the arena he had already saddled his horse and was sitting on his horse in the middle of the arena  with a couple of his friends. Me and K rode by him. 

“Here comes the girl who can’t ride” Clive said referring to Kayla. I was a ways behind her so I knew Clive was talking about Kayla that made me mad. Kayla could ride. She could ride really well, she got up early every morning, fed her horse and then after her horse was done eating she would ride in her arena. 

“And look at her comes her little friend who can’t go fast and try to keep up with all the others” that time he was talking about me.  It was true I could not go fast but like I said my horse acts like a bronc, and sure I could not keep up with the others. But that was it, I could not stand the insults! I rode up to Clive and I noticed that Clive had his feet out of the stirrups. Perfect.

“ Hey Clive” I said,


“Shut Up!” I say, then I push him off the side of his horse.  I take the reins off his horse’s neck and I take off in a lope with the horse following me. Clive takes off after us yelling,

“Give me my horse back!” he said,

“Not unless you promise to be nice” I say, in a singsong voice. 

“I will never promise that!” he replies. I make one circle and then I stop, Clive is still running after me. I drop the reins over the horse’s neck and he takes off. A lot of people (the families of the rodeo kids) were laughing. I look back at my friends who are laughing too. I could not help it, I had to do it.  I stood up on my horse and took a bow. People cheered and hollered. Then I put two fingers on my forehead and saluted then winked.  I sat back down on my horse and I trotted out of the arena.

“Mission accomplished” I whisper. I look back over my shoulder Clive’s horse is running and bucking while Clive is trying to catch him. This will be going on for a while I thought. 

We got threw the roping and the speed events well most of the speed events, now it was time for the last event (speed event) the pole race. 

“Patricia Thogmorton The 3rd” The announcer called. Patricia made her run,

“Good job Patricia that will be a 20.00” Dang she was really fast on that pole run!

“Annie Smith you’re up next ” Ok, I got this. I rode through the gate and took off in a lope down the poles. When I got to the end pole I turned my horse around it then we weaved through the poles until I got to the end pole. I did the same thing. By the time I got back to the other end I got a little confident. 

I asked Copper for a Little more, he was ringing his tail! This is bad, this is bad. Next thing I know he blows, he kicks up his heels and we’re off. Oh great just my luck he’s doing it again he’s acting like a bronc! I came out of the saddle and I hit the dirt. I stand up, my legs are a little shaky. I turn to my horse, he gives me an ignorant look.

“You know what you did!” I said in a low voice, gritting my teeth. I grab the reins and I get back on. I look up only to see Shawn and Kayla running up to me. 

“Are you ok?” they say in unison.

“Yeah I’m fine” I say flatly,

“Are you sure?” Shawn says,

“Yeah, I’m just a little shaken, that’s all” When we get through the gate I take my horse to the place where most kids take their horse to wake them up. (sometimes kid’s horses fall asleep while they are waiting). I lope Copper around letting him know that I am the boss NOT him. Then I walk him back to the trailer. I unsaddled him and loaded  him in the trailer. It’s dark. I say goodbye to my friends and head home. I unload Copper and put him in his pen. He nickers, telling that I need to feed him I throw him some feed and say,

“Yeah, yeah I heard you” I go into my house, take a shower and get ready for bed, I am asleep the moment my head hits the pillow. 

I woke up to the sound of my phone, someone sent me a text. I really don’t want to answer it but I do. It was a text from Kayla.  Hey so my grandpa has this friend who has some horses that he needs a good home for because he can’t ride them anymore. They still have some years left in them if you were interested in trying them out today I could take you! 

Yeah that would be great thanks! I reply. Now I am not the squealing type but the moment felt right, so I squealed.    

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English 5 lesson 155

If I could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would I do?

If I could do one thing to make the world a better place I would see that every kid has a show animal. (this might sound crazy but just keep reading and you’ll see why) Having a show animals teaches so many things like responsibility, finance, hard work, how to take care of different animals. It’s really fun and rewarding (you get money if you do well with your animal especially at jackpots). Let me give you an example of animals you could show. Steer, pigs, lambs, goats. And that’s it!

 So of course I am sure all counties are different but you can show a horse but showing horses is not like showing a steer or a lamb. Showing horses is really fun though! There are some similar things but not all things are the same. Here’s my example of my morning when I have to show a horse v.s me showing my lambs or steer.

Showing horses- Get up early in the morning, eat breakfast, get dressed in clothes that you can wash your horse in. Pick out your show outfit of your choice. And the day before you should have loaded you wash supplies in the trailer. Load your horse in the trailer after you fed him or her. Drive to wherever you’re having the show. (this is usually at our rodeo arena) Unload your horse, get wash supplies you put in the trailer (water hose, soup, brush, mud boots,) find a spot where you can put your wash supplies. Wash your horse and wait for him to dry (just tie him to the trailer and he  will dry out in the sun before you show trust in me. Grab your show outfit and go into the trailer and change (if you don’t wanna do that then just use the bathrooms they have there but if they have no bathrooms then just change in the trailer). Your horse should be dry by then so everybody (while you were doing this other people were showing up) should be here doing the exact same thing. Anyway you grab your show halter ( show haters are fancier than regular ones. Now if you don’t have a show halter that’s fine we just borrow one from our friends). You wait till your class then you show and that is nothing to it. Now it’s a little more complicated when you show but I didn’t go into the details about that.

Showing lambs/steer- same thing you would have loaded everything in the trailer the day before. (our fair is stretched out into several days so…) Get up early in the morning fed animals (I usually do but sometimes dad does it for me… sometimes but other than that it’s up to me) anyway load up steer and lambs go to the fairgrounds. Unload the animals and find a spot to put them (put the sheep in  the sheep/lamb barn and steers in the steer barn) unload all the other stuff (show related stuff including the animals feed.) And wait till it’s the day where you show. Our fair dragged out  over several days, example: lamb,and another show animal on a certain day. You have to come back to the fair ground to feed. Basically you stay at the fairgrounds all day then you go home and take a shower then you come back the next day  you can feed and stay at the fairgrounds all day again. It’s the same thing until it’s your day to show!

History 4 lesson 140

Lead Chamber Process

John Roebuck went to med school in Edinburgh, Scotland, He was taught by William Cullen, a prominent Scotsman. He graduated med school and set up practice in Birmingham. He continued nourishing his interest in Chemistry. Roebuck was familiar with the history of sulfuric acid production. Sulfuric acid is important to the modern economy, used for fertilizer,pesticides, dyes, metals. The lead chamber process increased production capability. Roebuck replaced glass jars with lead-lined rooms. Sulfur saltpeter water= sulfuric acid, Roebuck didn’t patent the method. He kept his invention secret. He built a factory in Edinburgh, the lead chambers were as large as a bedroom. Competing factories sprung up in England and in France.

Spinning Jenny

London Society of Arts took notice of growing weaving industry issues.  They offered cash prices in 1760 for new spinning inventions. James Hargreaves, born in 1721 in England. He was a poor uneducated waver. He had a flash of insight that led to the creation of the Spinning Jenny. I spun eleven threads at once in 1764 then over hundred by 1784. Thread production finally caught up to increased cloth production. It was hand-operated. “Jenny” is short for engine. Thread prices fell, and so did clothes prices. Hargreaves built several for his own use. One spinner could now do the job of s hundred. Envious mobs attacked Hargreaves’s house and destroyed his property. He set up shop in another town. Fabric producers understood the Spinning Jenny’s benefits. 

Richard Arkwright

Richard Arkwright was born in 1731 in England. He apprenticed as a barber. About a year after his son was born his wife died, he turned his sorrow into ambition. He turned to wig making in the 1750s and invented waterproof wig dye, then he turned to textile manufacturing and hired John Kay. Arkwright was an important person. He has sometimes been called “The Father Of The Industrial  Revolution”.  Invented the water frame in 1768.  He invented a new carding machine in 1775.  He developed an early factory system in 177os.  He employed children and used steam engines in his mills. Arkwright developed an extensive business network. Factories expanded all over England. Arkwright achieved recognition by the king for his contributions. He left behind a huge fortune in 1792 (he died at 59 years old).

James Watt

James Watt was born in 1736 Scotland to Covenanter parents. He learned to make science kind of instruments and opened his own business. The university of Glasgow offered him work. A friend introduced him to steam power in 1759. He developed his conden around 1763. Watt is primarily associated with the steam engine. He invented the sun-and -planet gear to get around a crank-connecting rod patent. In 1780 he invented a new way of coping documents. He experimented with chemistry but wasn’t as commercially successful. Watt was influential with other inventors. He opened the Soho Foundry, way ahead of its time. Scientific societies honored him. Newcomen engine owners adapted their engines to incorporate Watt’s enhancements.       


Final draft of English 5 lesson 155

What is something that I would like to learn how to do. 

So the thing that I would like to learn how to do is……….roping I know it might not sound that interesting but I finally have an interest in in I used to not really think much about it all I wanted to do is….do the other events like barrel racing, goat tying, pole bening, and flag race. Now I am not going to get into too much detail of all the events but those were the only ones I wanted to do but I now have a horse that will NOT buck with me or throw fits with me. I finally have an interest in it! 

Here is some pics of calf ropers I thought some of you would like to see what I am talking about

Science 5 lesson 132

So just ignore the last science 5 lesson 132 because it was a mess now I am not saying that this one it perfect but it’s better than well………. than that one so here it is

My school science assignment is to spend the rest of this week developing a story premise. First, write down on a piece of paper everything that interests you (e.g. people, places, events, hobbies, famous words, etc.). Include what you would like to do or learn about.

Second, write down on a separate piece of paper every premise that you can think of. Each must be one sentence. So instead of doing this on paper I am going to do It here on google docs. Because I am like that. 

(Premise means summing up things in one sentence like a book. Summing up that whole book in one sentence) 

Part 1…

  • Riding and rodeoing 
  • Playing with dogs
  • Watching my cats be silly
  • Hunting for gophers
  • Doing gymnastics 
  • Listening to Laugh U.S.A
  • Coloring and drawing
  • Doing stuff outside when it’s not to hot
  • Reading
  • Cloudy rainy days 
  • Taking pics of my ranch 
  • Getting on a new horse that I don’t even know
  • Going shopping at a Wetern Wear Store. (NEVER A MALL!!!!) 
  • Getting to see my friends from Texas
  • Listening to country music and country music artist George Strait (he is amazing!)
  • Running in the rain
  • Wrestling with the dogs in the mud
  • Being with my dog Beulah (my favorite dog don’t tell the others)

     Part 2……..

Premise 1- A girl who lost her confidence about riding horses fast but then she got her confidence back

Premise 2- the time me and my dogs were covered in mud from wrestling with each other.   

Premise 3- The day it rained, and after I had been sitting inside all day went outside and ran and ran and ran! ( I could not stop)

Premise 4-The day I was in a reading coma with the Pegasus series. Ok so by reading coma I am not sure that it’s a real thing but in our family it means that when you are reading a good book you block out the rest of the world and you are in the story like if you were one of the characters. I do that a lot like just yesterday I was put on some music and I was reading The Hunger Games and a song came on that was by my favorite artist next thing I know when I get up to get a drink of water a different song was on. Like about eight or nine songs had played and I hadn’t known that until I got up.    

 The “what if” part of this thing. 

what if the girl’s horse didn’t buck. 

Ok one other thing I will be adding on to this paper almost each day. So my assessment today was to start working on my story challenges and problems, what do I need to show and describe to make my story believable. 

Story problem- The girl’s horse bucked her off more than once so she lost her confidence 

Story challenge- Her horse always did this, it’s not the first time. 

What I need to make my story believable- This one is hard because I am not sure but here goes nothing. (This is just a guess) but to make my story believable I could put… ……in ……my character’s point of view or give info about rodeo and the events or the tack.   

So my assessment was to develop a designing principle that will allow me to tell a unique story. For the unique story part I guess it will be unique because I have read a lot of books and there are ones where it’s in the horse’s point of view but I have never read a book where it’s the owner of the horse’s point o view like how they explain the barrel pattern or something like that. Now I am sure that there are some books like that but I am not sure.    

 For today my assignment was to determine my best character from my premise and designing principle. Who are the most interesting characters and who would I be fascinated by? So now my best character is a girl (I have not thought about her name yet) who lost her confidence to go faster on her horse because he would always buck with her.

My assignment again for today is to determine the central conflict of my story. What is it really about? What is my main character trying to do? My main character is trying to get over her fear of being bucked off even if she is riding a horse that will not buck with her she is still scared no matter what horse she’s on  

Now for today my assignment is to determine my best character’s primary action so the primary action for my character is trying to get better at all of the speed events. ( Barrel racing, goat tying,Pole bending, and flag race) for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. 

Today my assignment was to determine my character’s weakness before the primary action, and then the character change after the primary action. 

Character Weakness- not confident on that horse. Some other things are going on too

Primary Action- Trying to be more confident on that horse, get better at all of the speed events.

Character Change- She barroud a horse for a while and that horse gave her a lot of confidence so when she rode that horse that always bucked with her she could show him that she wasn’t going to take the whole bucking thing anymore. Then she got two new horses and she got a lot faster at the speed events!

Ok for today’s assignment was to write down possible story events (things that could happen in my story).Write ten story events each one should be only one sentence. So here it is!!!! My story events are…….  Typical Summer morning for the girl, Morning routine, Warming up the horse,the other events that day. How she  zoned out and went into her own world when she was in the arena. I am sorry that I did not make it to ten but that is pretty much it.

My assignment is to determine what my character learns at the story’s end. How will this new knowledge change the character? How will it change the character’s behavior towards others? Now write down several possible character weaknesses and needs. The weakness should be wrecking the life of my character and others. Or at the very least it must threaten ruin.

Weakness and need- My character’s weakness is that she has a fear of going fast on her horse because he will buck with her. Even if she is riding a horse that will not buck she is not sure if she should go fast because she has been bucked off before ( and it’s NOT fun). The need is that she needs to overcome that fear if she is to get better at rodeoing and so maybe she can finally get a faster time.  That and there are some problems at the rodeo ( I can’t tell you the problem because it I did then there’s no point in reading this story)          

Today’s assignment is- Develop a problem or crisis. Make it a result of the character’s weakness. Develop a desire. It should take much of the story to achieve.

Problem- my character is scared to go fast and to stand up to this other girl who really mean, there are some problems at the rodeo too but I can’t tell you what it is because then I would reuan the whole story!

Desire- My character wants to have a faster time. She wants the courage to stand up to this this girl and she is trying to see if she can help with the problems at the rodeo 

Assignment– Develop several potential opponents.

Opponent 1- Another girl…… (who is going to be named later) First of all this girl is rich, she has nice rig, nice horses and she just flat out  fast when it comes to speed events but her form is not that great. And to make things worse this girl is MEAN, BOSSY, AND A DEVIA!!!!! Devias are the worst. My character has to try to at least get a faster time than her but it’s hard when you have a horse that bucks and throws a fit when you ask him to go faster than a slow lope.

Ok so I have not had a chance to think of the names for all of these characters so just bear with me here.

Opponents 2- The two girls that follow Opponent 1 around everywhere where she goes. They spread rumors, trick people and just basically ruined the lives of others. They also rodeo but they aren’t as fast as Opponent 1.

Annoying boy- so this boy is a follower of Opponent 1 but he is just mean and annoying. 

Today’s assignment-  Develop possible character plans. If I want the story to be long, then the plan must require several steps. Also, “the best plans of mice and men are often laid to waste”, so I must allow my character to adjust the plan when or if it fails.

Develop the battle. It must be the biggest test my character has faced up to that point. Will it be a battle of words? Or a physical test?

Plan- My character must find a way to get her horse to lestisen too her either that or find a way to make enough money to buy a new horse and get used to it/ win the rodeo events and beat Opponent 1

Battle- ok this is it my character has lucked into some really cool horses!! They are fast, really fast and my character can now go faster without worry about her horses bucking!! Now my character can try to beat Opponent 1’s time in the barrel race, flag race,pole bedding, and goat tying. She stand up the Opponent 1 and she find a way to help with the problem at the rodeo   

Today’s assignment is– List your characters and describe their function. Each character should have a function in the story (e.g. hero, ally, opponent, fake ally-opponent, subplot character,etc). So you know How I have been saying that I have no names for these characters well… I do! And just wait till you read them. 

Hero: the main character who has a problem. He or she tries to accomplish a goal to solve the problem. But his or her weakness and need (unknown to the character) makes it difficult to accomplish his or her desire (external goal).

Opponent: the opponent tries to prevent the hero from achieving his or her goal. They both struggle to achieve the same thing. This creates conflict.

Ally: The ally helps the hero achieve the goal. The ally allows the hero to voice his deepest values, fears and triumphs.

Fake-Ally Opponent: like a shapeshifter, this character appears to help the hero, but is actually trying to defeat the hero. This complex character adds interest and surprise.

Subplot character: this character deals with the same problem the hero is facing, but in a different way. The subplot character ultimately serves to deepen and highlight the hero. Because the subplot character deals with the same problem in a different way, the resulting consequences are different too. So with our father adoo her it is. 

Hero- Annie

Main Opponent- Patricia Thogmorton The 3rd

Patricia’s two followers- Follower 1- Clare or otherwise none as (nickname by Annie) Clueless or Clueless Clare. Follower 2- Mindy or (again nickname by Annie) Clumsy. 

Annoying boy ( who is sometimes a follower of Patrcia but really he just annoying)- Clive

 Annie’s Friends/ alleys- Friend 1- Kayla. Friend 2- Shawn.   

Assignment- Clarify and write out my Central Moral Problem. Compare my characters, decide how each character deals with the central problem. 

Central Moral Problem- Treat other the way you want to be treated

Annie- she needs to be nice to Patricia even if Patricia is not nice to her

Patricia and her two followers- They need to be nice to everybody (they are just flat out rude) 

Annie’s friends/ allies- Shawn and Kayla have the same problem as Annie. 

Assignment-  Determine the hero’s range of change. Do this by starting with the hero’s self-revelation. Then determine the hero’s need. The self-revelation determines the need I give the hero and the hero’s journey (middle of the story). 

Ok so I think I got this one so here goes nothing. Annie’s range of change is she gets confidence  at going fast thanks to some new horses she got her confidence back! She also learns that she needs to treat others the way she wants to be treated (technically she is nice it’s just Patricia, Clare, and Mindy she needs to learn to treat them like how she wants to be treated). So then the assignment says determine the hero’s need. And I think I already did this but whatever. My hero’s need is…………………… that Annie needs to be nicer to Patricia and her followers and she needs to help with a problem that is going on at the rodeo ( but I can’t tell you what the problem is THAT’S classified information!!!!)     

Assignment- now this was optional but here it is. My assignment to give the main opponent a self-revelation (something learned from the conflict with the hero). Then give the opponent a weakness and need. The opponent must be able to learn and change. 

Weakness and need- This one is a little hard but I think I got it. So Patricia’s weakness is that she thinks she needs to please everybody, and that she thinks she’s not good enough to rodeo. All she does is go fast. So when her horse gets to the arena that horse is really to run and he rears up and it’s just a mess. She never takes the time to just ride not even practice because that’s all she does and she runs her horse like they are at a competition. 

      Assignment- Create a desire line for my hero to achieve. 

Desire- my hero wants to beat Patricia at all of the speed events

Rough Draft of English 155

What is something that I would like to learn how to do. 

So the thing that I would like to learn how to do is……….roping I know it might not sound that interesting but I finally have an interest in in I used to not really think much about it all I wanted to do is….do the other events like barrel racing, goat tying, pole bending, and flag race. Now I am not going to get into too much detail of all the events but those were the only ones I wanted to do but I now have a horse that will NOT buck with me or throw fits with me. I finally have an interest in it!

History 4 lesson 135

The Flying Shuttle 

John Kay was born in 1704,he apprenticed in the textile industry.  Then he went into the textile business for himself. He invented a new kind of reed, made from wire, he  then invented the flying shuttle in 1733. The  flying shuttle unleashed fabric production capability, it sped up fabric production. One weaver(instead of two) could produce widecloth. The fling shuttle reduced the skill required. It led to thread shortage. John Kay encountered the forces of envy. HE began manufacturing his new invention,weavers became threatened by the device and tried to drive Kay out of business. Kay was blamed for rising thread prices. He almost went bankrupt defending hs patent against pirates (unsuccessfully)

Marine Chronometer

John Harrison was born in 1693 a carpenter’s son, he became interested in clocks at age. He invented a new temperature compensating pendulum. He gained insights during its design that aided his future work. His chronometer was designed to win the monetary prize. The marine chronometer is a fine crafted precision machine. Immune to: temperature,humidity, pressure, and gravity. It’s time was the reference point for determining longitude. And thanks to marine chronometer sailing accuracy improved greatly. Harrion refined his design for the next 30 years. Parliament was reluctant to award him the prize, Captain James Cook lauded Harrison’s chronometer. They were expensive in italy expensive. The English Navy began requiring each ship to have one in the 1800s.  

Anders Celsius 

Anders Celsius was born in 1701. His grandfather was a famous scientist. He developed stenography in Sweden from his rune discoveries. His uncle olaf was an influential scientist too. Anders entered his father’s university and then became a professor. The centigrade temperature scale was originally backwards, Anders participated in the expeditions to determine the Earth’s shape. He initiated scientific inquiry into the Northern Lights. He founded Uppsala observatory in 1741. His participation in the expedition made him famous. His friend Linnaeus inverted his temperature scale. Celsius published papers and participated in Swedish scientific societies. He wrote a popular math book for children. 

Leyden Jar 

Two scientists invented the Leyden Jar. Kleist’s teacher was Gravesande, a teacher of Newton’s ideas. Kleist theorized that electricity was a fluid,inspired by Hauksbee’s machine. He got a huge shock from a jar he built. Professor musschenbroek perfected it. The Leyden Jar is a battery that stores charge. A glass jar sides coated with metal electrodes inside. It was charged by being connected to an Influence Machine. Touching the electrode discharges it,your hand originally played the role of the foil. Muschenbroek told French scientists about the new invention. He also egan selling them to rich scientists in France. Daniel Gralth of Poland began experimenting with it. He publicized the jar in experiments before other scientists. He wrote a major history book on electricity.      


History 4 lesson 130

History 4 lesson 130

Abaham Darby was born in 1678 near Worcestershire, His great grand-uncle served in the English Civil war. He devised an early coke- burning iron process. Daby learned metallurgy coke-burning processes. Darby combined his skills, his uncle’s story and his own interests to invent the coke fired blast furnace. Darby’s iron smelting factory was more efficient than others. Coke: high in carbon and few impurities. His iron became competitive with brass, he figured out how to make iron thinner. He made cheap pots and pans,utensils and tools. Darby’s investors got scared in 1708 and left. In 1712 the Newcomen steam engine was invented. Orders came in from all over but iron production was constrained. Darby’s new factory enabled him to fulfill the orders and stay in business, Darby’s factory remained in business long after his death in 1717. 

Newcomen Steam Engine

Papin built the first piston steam engine in 1690. Tomas Savery built and patented a steam pump in 1698. Thomas Newmomen was an English Baptist ironworker. He built the world’s first true steam engine in 1712 Newcomen entered into partnership with Savery. Steam engines perform mechanical work. It used the vacuum to power the pump. Newcomen’s engine successfully pumped water out of mines. He marketed his engine through his network of Baptist business contacts. He met Joseph Hornblower through his travels and preaching. Horn Blower worked for Newcomen and built his engine. He passed the trade skills onto his son,who passed them onto his son.

Thomas Newcomen

Newcomen was born in Dartmouth in 1663. He became an ironmonger. He probably worked with Thomas savery on his engine (“Miner’s Friend.”) Savery and Newcomen got a patent together in 1707. Savery’s pump wasn’t too great, Newcomen improved it. Newcomen’s engine was a mederm marvel. It finally overcame the mining flooding problem. Newcomen’s job was ironmonger but his calling was pastor. Our job funds our calling. Newcomen’s work supported his preaching, his preaching increased his business.

The Octant

John Hadley was an English philosopher, He joined the Royal Society in 1717. His inheritance allowed him to do science. He grew interested in Newton’s reflecting telescope, HE built a superior model and then invented the octant. The octant distances between celestial objects. It was smaller and easier to handle. The octant could be used day or night. It lines up the sun with the hizon. The octant had overtaken the market by 1780 It was easy to read and more accurate It was available with many different options. Ot was capable of implementing the lunar-distance method for determining longitude.