Science 5 Lesson 35

My Cooking Experiences This Week  

I have not got a chance to make anything this week but I am going to do it soon. My since assignment was to make a scrambled eggs and make some tea. I was not surprised at anything well because we have chickens so I eat eggs a lot we have lots of stuff to do with eggs.  My grandma loves hot tea she has so much she has chocolate tea and other types to but I only know of the one type she has. The chocolate tea is ok but I do not drink hot tea or ice so basically I just don’t drink tea but if I had to choose I would pick ice tea because there is this peach ice tea that so good but I drink water most of the time especially at rodeos. And what I am planning to make next is my famous (it’s only famous in my family) gluten free cinnamon chocolate chip cookies the last time I made them I had to kick everybody out of the kitchen because they kept on eating my dough. 

Science 5 Lesson 3

  Granny Smith Apples 

My favorite plant is the granny smith apple tree. It is my favorite because I love to eat the apples from the tree and climb it. 

The genus is malus and the species is domestica. It is a perennial that produces edible fruit (aka apples). They can be found in the USDA grow zones 6 through 8 in the southwestern half of the United States.    

Science 5 Lesson 1

 Refrigerator Cheesecake 

 What I would like to make at the end of food science is a refrigerator cheesecake. The ingredients for this family favorite are as follows : Crust: Honey nut chex or cinnamon chex, butter, sugar and ground pecans. The filling for this super simple cheesecake are the following, cream cheese, eagle brand milk, lemon juice and vanilla.

We try to only make it on special occasions but sometimes we just want some cheesecake and we make one any way. 

I can encourage others to experience this delicious cheesecake by giving a demonstration to my 4-H club.