Science 5 lesson 129

The type of photography I enjoy, the coolest photograph I can take, and how would I make my photographs interesting and unique.  

The type of photography I enjoy is well…… I like to take pictures of ranches and old truck basically kind of like junkyard trucks and just old vintage stuff but not like a thrift store stuff just old trucks maybe of the trucks are on a ranch something like that and then animals on a ranch maybe they are next to a fence post and the fence is barbed wire I just love to take pics of barbed wire that and sunsets. 

So now for the coolest photograph I could take would be now this one is kind of hard because there are so many but if I had to choose I would love to go to our old ranch that we sold. And take pics of all of the old trucks and the barn, the bunk house, the regular house and see all of the pens there just one more time. Because from what I heard about it the owner now upgraded some of the pens and stuff I could be wrong but I really wish I could go back there before they upgraded it and take some of those pics. And then go to The Truck Graveyard at least that’s what I call it. When we would to take out the trash we would take it to a pit and burn it but in order to get there you had to go past all these broke down, (some where rusted) trucks there was just a bunch of them I loved to play there that and I loved to play or just hang out at this old barn behind our house. 

So for the part of how I can make photographs interesting and unique I am not sure what I could do to make my pictures unique and interesting. I am guessing that mine are interesting and unique because (now this is just a guess) of what I take pics of animals, cattle on the ranch, old trucks and barns. Now again this is just a guess because I am not  sure how to make them interesting and unique.                 

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