Science 5 lesson 132

So just ignore the last science 5 lesson 132 because it was a mess now I am not saying that this one it perfect but it’s better than well………. than that one so here it is

My school science assignment is to spend the rest of this week developing a story premise. First, write down on a piece of paper everything that interests you (e.g. people, places, events, hobbies, famous words, etc.). Include what you would like to do or learn about.

Second, write down on a separate piece of paper every premise that you can think of. Each must be one sentence. So instead of doing this on paper I am going to do It here on google docs. Because I am like that. 

(Premise means summing up things in one sentence like a book. Summing up that whole book in one sentence) 

Part 1…

  • Riding and rodeoing 
  • Playing with dogs
  • Watching my cats be silly
  • Hunting for gophers
  • Doing gymnastics 
  • Listening to Laugh U.S.A
  • Coloring and drawing
  • Doing stuff outside when it’s not to hot
  • Reading
  • Cloudy rainy days 
  • Taking pics of my ranch 
  • Getting on a new horse that I don’t even know
  • Going shopping at a Wetern Wear Store. (NEVER A MALL!!!!) 
  • Getting to see my friends from Texas
  • Listening to country music and country music artist George Strait (he is amazing!)
  • Running in the rain
  • Wrestling with the dogs in the mud
  • Being with my dog Beulah (my favorite dog don’t tell the others)

     Part 2……..

Premise 1- A girl who lost her confidence about riding horses fast but then she got her confidence back

Premise 2- the time me and my dogs were covered in mud from wrestling with each other.   

Premise 3- The day it rained, and after I had been sitting inside all day went outside and ran and ran and ran! ( I could not stop)

Premise 4-The day I was in a reading coma with the Pegasus series. Ok so by reading coma I am not sure that it’s a real thing but in our family it means that when you are reading a good book you block out the rest of the world and you are in the story like if you were one of the characters. I do that a lot like just yesterday I was put on some music and I was reading The Hunger Games and a song came on that was by my favorite artist next thing I know when I get up to get a drink of water a different song was on. Like about eight or nine songs had played and I hadn’t known that until I got up.    

 The “what if” part of this thing. 

what if the girl’s horse didn’t buck. 

Ok one other thing I will be adding on to this paper almost each day. So my assessment today was to start working on my story challenges and problems, what do I need to show and describe to make my story believable. 

Story problem- The girl’s horse bucked her off more than once so she lost her confidence 

Story challenge- Her horse always did this, it’s not the first time. 

What I need to make my story believable- This one is hard because I am not sure but here goes nothing. (This is just a guess) but to make my story believable I could put… ……in ……my character’s point of view or give info about rodeo and the events or the tack.   

So my assessment was to develop a designing principle that will allow me to tell a unique story. For the unique story part I guess it will be unique because I have read a lot of books and there are ones where it’s in the horse’s point of view but I have never read a book where it’s the owner of the horse’s point o view like how they explain the barrel pattern or something like that. Now I am sure that there are some books like that but I am not sure.    

 For today my assignment was to determine my best character from my premise and designing principle. Who are the most interesting characters and who would I be fascinated by? So now my best character is a girl (I have not thought about her name yet) who lost her confidence to go faster on her horse because he would always buck with her.

My assignment again for today is to determine the central conflict of my story. What is it really about? What is my main character trying to do? My main character is trying to get over her fear of being bucked off even if she is riding a horse that will not buck with her she is still scared no matter what horse she’s on  

Now for today my assignment is to determine my best character’s primary action so the primary action for my character is trying to get better at all of the speed events. ( Barrel racing, goat tying,Pole bending, and flag race) for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about. 

Today my assignment was to determine my character’s weakness before the primary action, and then the character change after the primary action. 

Character Weakness- not confident on that horse. Some other things are going on too

Primary Action- Trying to be more confident on that horse, get better at all of the speed events.

Character Change- She barroud a horse for a while and that horse gave her a lot of confidence so when she rode that horse that always bucked with her she could show him that she wasn’t going to take the whole bucking thing anymore. Then she got two new horses and she got a lot faster at the speed events!

Ok for today’s assignment was to write down possible story events (things that could happen in my story).Write ten story events each one should be only one sentence. So here it is!!!! My story events are…….  Typical Summer morning for the girl, Morning routine, Warming up the horse,the other events that day. How she  zoned out and went into her own world when she was in the arena. I am sorry that I did not make it to ten but that is pretty much it.

My assignment is to determine what my character learns at the story’s end. How will this new knowledge change the character? How will it change the character’s behavior towards others? Now write down several possible character weaknesses and needs. The weakness should be wrecking the life of my character and others. Or at the very least it must threaten ruin.

Weakness and need- My character’s weakness is that she has a fear of going fast on her horse because he will buck with her. Even if she is riding a horse that will not buck she is not sure if she should go fast because she has been bucked off before ( and it’s NOT fun). The need is that she needs to overcome that fear if she is to get better at rodeoing and so maybe she can finally get a faster time.  That and there are some problems at the rodeo ( I can’t tell you the problem because it I did then there’s no point in reading this story)          

Today’s assignment is- Develop a problem or crisis. Make it a result of the character’s weakness. Develop a desire. It should take much of the story to achieve.

Problem- my character is scared to go fast and to stand up to this other girl who really mean, there are some problems at the rodeo too but I can’t tell you what it is because then I would reuan the whole story!

Desire- My character wants to have a faster time. She wants the courage to stand up to this this girl and she is trying to see if she can help with the problems at the rodeo 

Assignment– Develop several potential opponents.

Opponent 1- Another girl…… (who is going to be named later) First of all this girl is rich, she has nice rig, nice horses and she just flat out  fast when it comes to speed events but her form is not that great. And to make things worse this girl is MEAN, BOSSY, AND A DEVIA!!!!! Devias are the worst. My character has to try to at least get a faster time than her but it’s hard when you have a horse that bucks and throws a fit when you ask him to go faster than a slow lope.

Ok so I have not had a chance to think of the names for all of these characters so just bear with me here.

Opponents 2- The two girls that follow Opponent 1 around everywhere where she goes. They spread rumors, trick people and just basically ruined the lives of others. They also rodeo but they aren’t as fast as Opponent 1.

Annoying boy- so this boy is a follower of Opponent 1 but he is just mean and annoying. 

Today’s assignment-  Develop possible character plans. If I want the story to be long, then the plan must require several steps. Also, “the best plans of mice and men are often laid to waste”, so I must allow my character to adjust the plan when or if it fails.

Develop the battle. It must be the biggest test my character has faced up to that point. Will it be a battle of words? Or a physical test?

Plan- My character must find a way to get her horse to lestisen too her either that or find a way to make enough money to buy a new horse and get used to it/ win the rodeo events and beat Opponent 1

Battle- ok this is it my character has lucked into some really cool horses!! They are fast, really fast and my character can now go faster without worry about her horses bucking!! Now my character can try to beat Opponent 1’s time in the barrel race, flag race,pole bedding, and goat tying. She stand up the Opponent 1 and she find a way to help with the problem at the rodeo   

Today’s assignment is– List your characters and describe their function. Each character should have a function in the story (e.g. hero, ally, opponent, fake ally-opponent, subplot character,etc). So you know How I have been saying that I have no names for these characters well… I do! And just wait till you read them. 

Hero: the main character who has a problem. He or she tries to accomplish a goal to solve the problem. But his or her weakness and need (unknown to the character) makes it difficult to accomplish his or her desire (external goal).

Opponent: the opponent tries to prevent the hero from achieving his or her goal. They both struggle to achieve the same thing. This creates conflict.

Ally: The ally helps the hero achieve the goal. The ally allows the hero to voice his deepest values, fears and triumphs.

Fake-Ally Opponent: like a shapeshifter, this character appears to help the hero, but is actually trying to defeat the hero. This complex character adds interest and surprise.

Subplot character: this character deals with the same problem the hero is facing, but in a different way. The subplot character ultimately serves to deepen and highlight the hero. Because the subplot character deals with the same problem in a different way, the resulting consequences are different too. So with our father adoo her it is. 

Hero- Annie

Main Opponent- Patricia Thogmorton The 3rd

Patricia’s two followers- Follower 1- Clare or otherwise none as (nickname by Annie) Clueless or Clueless Clare. Follower 2- Mindy or (again nickname by Annie) Clumsy. 

Annoying boy ( who is sometimes a follower of Patrcia but really he just annoying)- Clive

 Annie’s Friends/ alleys- Friend 1- Kayla. Friend 2- Shawn.   

Assignment- Clarify and write out my Central Moral Problem. Compare my characters, decide how each character deals with the central problem. 

Central Moral Problem- Treat other the way you want to be treated

Annie- she needs to be nice to Patricia even if Patricia is not nice to her

Patricia and her two followers- They need to be nice to everybody (they are just flat out rude) 

Annie’s friends/ allies- Shawn and Kayla have the same problem as Annie. 

Assignment-  Determine the hero’s range of change. Do this by starting with the hero’s self-revelation. Then determine the hero’s need. The self-revelation determines the need I give the hero and the hero’s journey (middle of the story). 

Ok so I think I got this one so here goes nothing. Annie’s range of change is she gets confidence  at going fast thanks to some new horses she got her confidence back! She also learns that she needs to treat others the way she wants to be treated (technically she is nice it’s just Patricia, Clare, and Mindy she needs to learn to treat them like how she wants to be treated). So then the assignment says determine the hero’s need. And I think I already did this but whatever. My hero’s need is…………………… that Annie needs to be nicer to Patricia and her followers and she needs to help with a problem that is going on at the rodeo ( but I can’t tell you what the problem is THAT’S classified information!!!!)     

Assignment- now this was optional but here it is. My assignment to give the main opponent a self-revelation (something learned from the conflict with the hero). Then give the opponent a weakness and need. The opponent must be able to learn and change. 

Weakness and need- This one is a little hard but I think I got it. So Patricia’s weakness is that she thinks she needs to please everybody, and that she thinks she’s not good enough to rodeo. All she does is go fast. So when her horse gets to the arena that horse is really to run and he rears up and it’s just a mess. She never takes the time to just ride not even practice because that’s all she does and she runs her horse like they are at a competition. 

      Assignment- Create a desire line for my hero to achieve. 

Desire- my hero wants to beat Patricia at all of the speed events

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