English 6 Lesson 54

Today my assignment was to write about a favorite hobby or write an essay on the kind of work I would like to do when I become an adult. So I’ve decided to write an essay on the kind of work I would like to do when I become an adult.

I would like to become a Veterinarian, I’ll start by working for a Vet then maybe, just maybe, start my own business. I’ll definitely need a good college education, I’m not exactly sure what college I’ll go to. But I do know I’ll need to find one with a great Veterinarian school. I’m hoping to work with a Large and Small animal Vet. I try to help my dad doctor on any cattle, or our horses, dogs or cats that need doctoring. And I watch this show The Incredible Dr. Pol. When I started watching I had to look away at a lot of stuff. But now I force myself to look, I also think that it’s funny that when they show the next patient and its symptoms, I pause the show and try to guess what’s wrong with the animal and what treatment they need to use. And most of the time I’m right, only a couple of times I’m wrong. I plan to stick to being in this job. Unless the books I’m writing with a friend turn out to become really popular. And I hope they turn out to be pretty popular, but I also really hope that I can still work as a Vet. I’ve learned from watching this other TV show called Songland that sometimes the song writers need to have another job just so they can pay the bills and I know that when they first start some of them get off to a rocky start and then things start to get better. But also sometimes you need life expenses to be able to write a song or a book. I’ve talked about this a couple of times with my mom and she agrees.   

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