History 5 Lesson 60

Rotary Printing Press

Riched Hoe was born in New York in 1812. He became  president of father’s press manufacturing company when he was 21. Invented the rotary press in 1843.The rotary press uses rotating drums. This allows a “Never-ending” stream of paper to be printed. The type is on the cylinder face. Hundreds of feet of paper can be loaded into the machine. In the 1820s “Newspapers” were published by political parties. Abell founded the Baltimore Sun in 1837. Abell was quick to adopt new technologies. The sun and other New York papers increased their circulation because of the printer.  The middle class began relying on newspapers for daily news. 


Abraham Gesmer was born in Canada in 1787, moved to England to become a doctor. Became interested in geology after meeting Charles Lyell. He practiced medicine and geology back home in Canada. He invented kerosene in 1846. Kerosene is a fuel and generalized trademark. Derived from petroleum. It was used for heaters, lamps, and jet fuel. Gerner formed a company in 1850 to sell lamps and oil. Expanded to the Northeastern US in 1854. An American inventor was competing with an inferior product. Meantulile Samuel Kier founded American petroleum industry. Supplies circumvented eatens by making kerosene from petroleum.


Ignaz Semmeluies was in 1818 in Budapest. He went into abstetics. Semmeluies worked for Vienna General Hospital. Decided to solve the problem of the two clinies, he observed and recorded. Breakthrough after friend’s death. Then he had the Eureka moment. He invented antiseptic use in 1847. Antiseptics kills germs. Germs cause infection, and antiseptics lowers death rates. Semmeluies reduced mortality from 18% to 2% in 1 month. His students spread the word, the establishment rejected. Repeated success in Budapest in 1852. He wrote letters to doctors across Europe. Pasteur’s germ theory reduced resistance later. Critice innored data. Conflicting theories of knowledge. 

 Gas Mask

Ancient Cultures used masks. A prussian intro created a mask for mining in 1799. Lewis P. Haslett invented the prototype of the modern version in 1847. It was probably intended to be used by Kentucky coal miners. Gas masks protect lungs from polluted air. Forces air through a filter. Particles and chemical vapors. Separate oxygen tanks may be required. Enable work in hazardous environments. Germans launched chemical weapons in World War 1.  A canadaion doctor invented a gas mask the troops. An american inventor created a mask too for American troops. The modern gas mask was invented in 1944. 

3 thoughts on “History 5 Lesson 60

  1. You have good spelling, punctuation, grammar, and I like the layout of your report! ( I LOVE horses! )
    One thing you can do to improve your report would be to write about your favorite invention, and why you like it!
    Otherwise your report was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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