English 6 Lesson 130

If I was in the situation that the family from Swiss Family Robinson was in this would be an idea I have. No, it doesn’t really help me survive but this was all I could come up with. I think that if the family had more of a little tree house city instead of the one big tree house, they could use zip lines to get around. They could use rope for the line and heavy duty wooden suit hangers for getting around, they could twist the metal hook around so that it doesn’t pop off. They could use these zip lines to go from place to place in the mini tree house city thing, or go right onto the ground if they needed to go hunt for food. Like I had said this has nothing to do with helping them (or me if I were stuck in their position) survive but it would be a cool idea. It sounds fun even though I’m not one to do zip lining, going to water parks (I’m definitely not a water person I’ll drink but that’s it I won’t swim in it) tubing in the snow or water. I think I’ve made it clear I don’t like swimming. My point is I wouldn’t mind trying this zip line.         

2 thoughts on “English 6 Lesson 130

  1. It does sound fun.
    The reason they built such a big tree house was because they did not know if they would have to stay there forever or not. And they were a big family.
    You don’t like swimming???😱


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