History 5 Lesson 145

Before I start on the inventions for the week (Which I may or may not have forgotten to post) I just realized that I haven’t posted in a while, which not that I think any of you minded. I was busy with showing my animals and only on this last Sunday was I done for the year. I’m sorry for not posting this sooner, as I said earlier I was really busy and I wasn’t doing much school because of it, but now I’m done with showing, (For now) and I can get back to school, it might take me a while though, because as of right now, all I’m doing is one subject a day maybe two. Because our family reunion is coming up! Along with my birthday and a rodeo. Our last rodeo of the season, or at least out local rodeo association’s season. My mom said that there might be some rodeos this Winter, which I’m excited for! Now onto the inventions this week! Or whenever it was that I was supposed to post this.

Safety Razor 

King Camp Gilltte was born in Wisconsin in 1855. He lived through the Great Chicago Fire. He worked as a cork salesman. He noticed people bought disposable products. Applied that to the razor. Invented a safety razor in 1901. Safety razors cleanly shave skin. It uses a protective guard to prevent injury. It uses disposable blades. Permanently handle disposable blades. He put his picture on ads. It became successful because of low prices. In the 1920s refocus on research. Razor innovations appeared in 1998.


The Wright Brothers were born in 1878. They were inspired by Otto Lilienthal. They focused on aircraft control systems. They took experience from making bicycles. Balance was key. They studied birds. Created “Unstable” Wing designs. They built wind tunnels. A thousand glides in 1902. Propeller engines and jet turbines. They carry passengers and cargo great distances quickly. It received little newspaper attention. There was a public event in 1904. The Wrights secured a government contract in 1908.

Vacuum Tube 

John Rleming was born in England in 1849. He wanted to be an engineer at 11. Studied under Maxwell. Worked in Edison’s company then under Marconi. Invented Vacuum tube in 1904. Thermionic emission: electrons flow from hot filament. Receptor plate is cool and eleives electrons. It’s used to convert AC to DC. Block negative current. It can be used to build radio demodulators. Extracts information from AM signal. Fleming’s value used by Marconi. Published paper in 1905. 

The Model T

Henry Ford was born in Michigan in 1863. Learned to maintain portable steam engines. Built his quartile in 1896. Edison encouraged pursuits. Ford’s race car in 1902 promoted his brand. Ford invented the Model T in 1908. The Model T was the first affordable car. Henry Ford said “Any color you want, as long as it’s black.” Perfected assembly line and interchangeable parts. It gave families freedom. Succeeded because of the price. One new car every 3 minutes. From $ 825 to $260 in 16 years. Ford didn’t even have time to advertise for a long time.  

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