English 7 Lesson 15 Essay

If I was ushered into someone else’s world, I chose two worlds to talk about. The first is one of my own world’s that I created for a book of mine. I don’t have all of it thought out yet because it’s still in the working process. I was re-imagining Wonderland. The trees are a wild variety of colors, some have pink leaves and their bark is purple. Others have red bark and blue leaves, and so on. There’s a village full of the people from Wonderland. Some you may want to stay away from others are pretty friendly. I know there is not much to it, that’s only because I haven’t figured out the whole thing yet.   

The second world would be if I were to go to Anne’s world from Anne of Green Gables,  and be dressed in my normal and everyday clothes, like blue jeans and a t-shirt and maybe a hoodie and explore and see what it’s like in that world.  And see how people would react to my clothes.

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