Winter/Snow pics!

It snowed!!

Such a sweet girl
One dog is watching birds the other is watching cows
She was rolling in the snow and when she got up to shake it off I caught her in the perfect moment!
I know I have a lot of pictures of this dog but she’s the only one I could get to set still long enough for me to take the picture

Rodeo Story

So I have added a new menu and some of the story’s are true (like the one I am about to tell you) and some of them are going to made up, so with out further ado here is the first (true) rodeo story.

Ok every thing started out like any good rodeo day, we got up early like really early as in it was still dark outside early. We pull up to the arena and I stared to warm up my horses. Now every event so far was good sure I had only gone into the arena once, to do the flag race or Flags as us rodeo people call it (I am not sure every one calls it that, but here in our rodeo community we do ). But so far so good, I thought now it was time the Pole bending or as we call it Poles, anyway I make my run, I walk my horse out of the arena and go to cool him down. Now sit back everyone here’s were it gets kind of interesting, My mom is coming over to me and saying,

“Go back to the gate, go” I looked at her a little confused.

“They are calling you back to the gate go!” They, is actually the people who where standing at the gates calling people out to the arena so they can make their run. ( I just thought I would clarify what I meant by they). As I go back towards the gate that we were going in from, I heard the person in the crow’s nest say that the eye was not working so I could do the run again. The person at the gate ask me if I wanted them to roll me and let some others go before I went in again or I could just do the run now.

“I’m just going ahead and doing this” I say. The guy at the gate nods and looks over to the judge, he nods letting the guy at the gate know that he was ready. I go through the gate and I speed down to the end pole, I can feel my hat start to come off I reach up and stick it back down on my head, but then my hat deiced that it was not going to take orders from the person wearing it because it came off and was in my face. I couldn’t see, but out of the corner of my eye I could see just a little bit and I could tell that we (me and my horse) where coming up to the end pole and again I couldn’t see! This was going to be a wreck if I didn’t do something soon. Now the whole time this was going on my free hand ( the one that was not holding the reins) was bating at the hat but was getting nowhere so finally the wind was just right and I swatted at the hat again and it came off of my face just in time too, because then I had to turn the end pole. So to sum up this pole run in a few words, this it what it was. Check, check, throw the hat, turn. So check means that you lightly tug up on the reins and your horse slows a little so you can make the turn on a barrel, or a pole. And there’s your lesson for the day folks always pull your hat down on your head before you go though the gate!

here are some cool inspiring quotes,

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this one is not really inspiring but it’s true!
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also true!
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sooooo true!!
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Annabeth Chase

Annabeth, is the daughter of Athena the goddess of wisdom. I have not gotten far in the Percy Jackson series I am only as far as the forth book, but so far I am such a big fan of Annabeth. In the first book Annabeth said to Percy Jackson,

“You drool in your sleep” -The lighting thief Annabeth chase.

here are some more pics of Annabeth,

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she looks really mad in this photo
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this was a cool pic of Annabeth, Percy, and Grover

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she looks like she is saying “haha, I have won”

So I coud not find this certatn meme but I will just tell you what it said,

How to kill a spider by Annabeth Chase

Step 1, Grab a tissue

Step 2, approach the spider slowly

Step 3, very carefully burn the whole house down!

Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a book by Anna Sewell, it is such a good book. For those of you who do not know that book I will tell you a little bit about it but not too much or else I will just spoil the story. This story is in Black Beauty’s point of view, he starts out when he was a foal. Then he goes to a bunch of different homes, he meets different horses, and it such a good book! There are several movies that people have made and I have only seen one, but I LOVE horses and I LOVE this book and the movies.

Here is a picture from one of the movies the black horse on the end is Black Beauty and the pony is well…. ok sorry I forgot his name, and then the sorrel mare’s name is Ginger.

Pin by Carly🌈✨ on Black Beauty | Black beauty movie, Horse movies, Horses

this is the book Black Beauty, there are newer copes and for English there was a PDF but this copy was my mom’s