English 6 Lesson 75

If I wanted to journey the world I would like to visit Rome, it’s the capital of Italy. I’ve started being intruded in Rome after I read Heroes of Olympus. And the same thing goes for Greece, after I read the Percy Jackson series I’ve wanted to visit these places. I’m interested in their mythology. I also would like to visit Egypt. I’m interested in Egyptian mythology. I don’t even know why but I think it’s interesting. How their beliefs are different from ours, along with the gods that they worship.   

English 6 Lesson 70

Hello to the person reading this! My assignment for today was to write a one to write about a favorite book I have read or write about a good movie I have watched. This one is kinda hard for me, since I have multiple favorite movies and books. But I guess I’ll kind of be choosing both, sort of. I’m comparing my favorite book Percy Jackson, to the two movies that were made based off of the books. Warning, there are gonna be some spoilers if you haven’t read the books and you want to read the books. There are some spoilers, so just a heads up.

Now, everyone knows that books are always better than movies, although, I have to say the Harry Potter movies were good, it’s been a while since I’ve read the books, but anyway, they’re good. So I watched the Percy Jackson movies before I read the books and I loved the movies. That was until I read the books! Now, I love the books more than the movies! As in I no longer like the movies, I get it some people like the movies. But me and a friend just have a lot of problems with the movies. 

It doesn’t give me the same feeling like it does when I’m reading the books. I don’t even know how to describe the feeling I get when I read the books, but it just isn’t the same. In the movies the second movie and the second book are different, the people who made the movie mixed a certain part in the last book with the second movie the Titan, Kronos came back, in the last book. In the second movie Kronos came back, it bugs me that they did that! There’s a lot more, I could tell, you. But I guess I should tell you what the book is about. There’s three different  series, all of them written by American author Rick Riordan. The first one is called Percy Jackson and the Olympians aka PJO. Is about how Percy discovers  that he is demigod, a demigod is half God half mortal. He goes on quests, the main enemy they have to fight is Kronos. The second series is called The Heroes of Olympus, Roman and Greek demigods must learn to work together in order to defeat Gaea the earth goddess. And the third series, called Trials of Apollo, I’ve barely gotten into that book yet so I don’t have that much information on it yet.             

English 6 Lesson 65

Hello again! So my assignment today was to write a short essay about one of my grandparents. Ask them about what life was like when they were growing up. Or write as if to a younger sibling. Give advice on how to be healthy. I chose the first assignment, I did something kinda simulator to the west, before I had started homeschool, I had an assignment from my fourth grade english teacher, (Because when I was in fourth grade I went to public school), anyway the assignment was to write a biography on some you admire. So I chose my grandma, so my point is I already have some information on her, I would ask my grandpa, but not all the time I can understand what he says. I think a lot of what he says is gibberish. I love him, but not all the time I understand what he’s saying. So without further ado here it is!

April L. Evans/ Romero (Aka Patches, that’s what I call my grandma) was born on April 29, 1951 in Mesa Arizona to Art and Wanda Evens. She moved with her two brothers and her parents to The ladder Ranch in 1953. Where she grew up around horses and brangus cattle. I remember this one story, that Patches told, her and her mom, along with her brothers I think went to a friends/ neighbor’s house, they had two boys, and they got Patches to come over and look at a coyote skin, they disappeared then yelled and throw the coyote skin at Patches, she screamed and ran away. Then there was this one time where he and her brothers were riding their horses  bareback and playing cowboys and indians. Their dad wouldn’t help them put their saddles up on their horses and they were too young to put them up by themselves, so that’s why they rode bareback. They would come running down the hill on their horses every time they’d car on the dirt road, it scared the people in the cars.  Except one time one of those cars was their dad, they got in so much trouble after that and they were told never to do it again. There are lots of other stories I could tell, but if I did, it would probably turn into a book.

English 6 Lesson 60

Hello everyone! Today’s assignment is to write a creative story about an event after the end of the book, in the later life of Amuba and Chebron. So here I go, I’m sorry if my writing style is nothing like G.A. Henty.

Chebron was sitting in the shade of a tree, just outside of the village of Rebu. He was thinking about the past events, he thought about how his arrow accidentally perched The Cat of Bubastes, and how just that one event had changed everything in his life. He thought about how he reacted when his father had shared that all of the gods he worshiped, were merely attributes of  one God. He also thought about the first few years he spent here, after Amuba was king, he became a little more busy with his duties. 

One night at dinner a cat had jumped up on the table everyone had tried to shoo it away, but the cat just sat there staring at them all. Finally someone picked up the cat and tossed it out. He chuckled to himself as he remembered his initial reaction to the treatment of the cat. For an instant his lifelong training and beliefs triggered, a horrified reaction to the treatment of the cat. Then he remembered his conversion over to the one the  god. And that the cat was merely an attribute of one God he worshiped. There were many other traditions and customs that Chebron had to learn, get used to the ways of the people of Rebu. But the cat incident stood out as a turning point in becoming a useful and happy person that he and Ruth had become, in the country of Rebu.     

History 5 Lesson 45

Steel Plow 

John Deere was born in Vermont in 1804. He went to a congregational college. He became a town blacksmith in 1825. Insight: polished needles are easier to use. Deere invented the steel plow in 1837. Prairie soil was extremely fertile. It stuck to the  mouldboard. Soil didn’t stick to the polished steel plow. Mouldboard was optimized to turn over the soil. The plow was self-cleaning, Deere tested his plow at his neighbors farm. Initial sales spread by word-of-mouth. He offered a risk-free guarantee. Built a factory near rivers and railroads. John Deere went into competition with International Harvester. 

Steam Shovel

Pelham, Massachusetts was settled in 1738 by Scottish Presbyterans. William Smith Otis was born in Pelham in 1813. Otas became fascinated with mechanical inventions. He invented the steam shovel at the age of 22 in 1835. He died within a year of  receiving the  patent. It’s basically a steam powered dirt-moving bucket. Steam pistons provide a source of motion. Like a movable crane. Holes could be dug deeper faster. Otis’ relatives hung onto the patent for 40 years. Railroads drove the steam shovel demand. Efficiency increased over time. It spread more rapidly after the patent expired. Made taller buildings possible.

Postage Stamp

Rowland Hill was born in England in 1795. He had influential family friends. He went to work for the government. Rowland promoted Priestley’s educational reform. He invented the postage stamp in 1838. It’s a piece of paper with adhesive backing. It shows that postage had been paid. Postage is based on weight not distance. Beautiful illustrations on them. Marked with postmarks to show they’ve been used. Postage reforms approved in 1839. Hill worked with Charles Bebbage to show costs weren’t from long distances. Postage reforms approved in 1839. Received support from merchants and businessmen. The postage system became a government monopoly. The price for sending mail fell and Demand increased.

Vulcanized Rubber

Charles Goodyear was born in Connecticut in 1800. He mechanically minded and entrepreneurial. Improved a company’s rubber life preservers. He was determined to solve a “sticky” problem. Mixing other chemicals was part of the process. Invented Vulcanized rubber in 1839. Vulcanization eliminates the stickiness. The refined rubber is weatherproof. Mix in a chemical life sulfur, then apply heat. Very durable, not brittle. Goodyear found a factory to produce rubber products. He died in 1860. A Goodyear company formed in 1898. It produced bicycle tires and poker chips, it expanded into wartime production with government contracts.              


English 6 Lesson 55

My assignment for today is to write a one to two paper summarizing the story that I have read this far. The story is called The Cat of Bubastes. Heads up: I have no clue how to pronounce the names of these people, sorry, otherwise I would set up something showing you how to pronounce their names.  

The story starts out in Rebu, where Prince Amuba and his father the king, along with other soldiers go out into battle against The Egyptians. Sadly the king falls in battle, Amuba almost dies too, but thanks to his faithful charioteer, Jethro, Amuba doesn’t and they make it back to the palace. When they get there they spend Several days waiting to see what the Egyptians would do, because the people of Rebu, had blocked the wooden gates with rocks, and any of the other gates around the wall. For a while the people of Rebu think that they are going to win. Unfortunately they don’t, the Egyptians capture the people and take them back to Egypt to be slaves. 

Jethro and Amuba are taken as well, but they both decide that they better not tell the king that Amuba was the prince of Rebu, they didn’ know what they’d do to him if they revealed that he was a prince. So they were sold as slaves to the high priest of Osiris.  But the priest was only gonna take Amuba, but Amuba got down on his knees and begged that the priest take Jethro too. Amuba said that Jethro had sorta become his father, since his actual father had died. The priest agreed, when they got back to the priest’s house Amuba became the servant and companion to Chebron, the son of Ameres, (the priest) Jethro didn’t talk much because he doesn’t know the Egyptian language as well as Amuba does. Ameres and Chebon found out that Amuba was the prince back in Rebu. They just like Jethro and Amuba agree not to tell anyone about this. Jethro and Amuba are shown around the house and showed the animals that they would have to take care of. Jethro and Amuba find out that their work isn’t hard, and they don’t suffer. Like they first thought they would when they were taken to Egypt. Ameres, Chebon, Amuba, and Jethro all go on a journey, sometime on their way, Chebon, Amuba, Jethro, along with some others, save this girl from a crocodile, when they return her home, her grandfather was very grateful. 

He had said that he was getting old and he would have no one to take care of Ruth. So Chebon said that when the old man died his father would gladly take Ruth into their home. And so they did, after the old man died Ruth went to the house of Ameres, where she was the companion and servant of Chebon’s little sister. Later on, Chebon and Amuba notice that there are some waterfowl missing, so they hide in the bushes with their bows and arrows, a hawk swoops down and tries to take a waterfowl, but Amuba and Chebon shoot at the hawk. Amuba killed the hawk and Chebon’s arrow hit a tree and landed in the cat house, it hit a cat and killed it. Chebon is freaking out because if you do that in Egypt there are serious consequences. And  to make matters worse the cat was the successor to the Cat of Bubastes. To Amuba a cat is a cat, but they are worshipped here, but not in Rebu. However Amuba understood Chebon’s situation, so he buried the cat, and left the door of the cat house open so it looked like it might have wandered off. Then he told Chebon to tell his father what happened, Amuba knew that his father would understand that it was an accident. Now they are discussing what they should do. 

I don’t know  what happens next but I hope that this whole thing will blow over soon.        

English 6 Lesson 50

My assignment for today was to write about what I like to do after school when I have free time. Or write an explanatory essay to my younger sibling explaining how to do my chores. I don’t have any younger siblings so I’ll do the first option. When I have free time I write on a book me and a friend are writing together. I also like to shoot hair spray cans with a BB gun and video them as they explode! I really love to ride horses, but only if my dad is here, if he is not here and he’s at work and my mom is at work then I must go to my grandparents house and do school there. Once I’m done with school I work on the story. But it’s good to be with my grandparent’s. I get a lot of the story down when I’m there. It’s really nice because if I need to I can go straight back to my house if I need anything because my grandparents are basically my neighbors. And so it doesn’t take long for me to go and get what I need from my house. We all live on the property and I guess I’m lucky that I have my grandparents living this close.  

English 6 Lesson 54

Today my assignment was to write about a favorite hobby or write an essay on the kind of work I would like to do when I become an adult. So I’ve decided to write an essay on the kind of work I would like to do when I become an adult.

I would like to become a Veterinarian, I’ll start by working for a Vet then maybe, just maybe, start my own business. I’ll definitely need a good college education, I’m not exactly sure what college I’ll go to. But I do know I’ll need to find one with a great Veterinarian school. I’m hoping to work with a Large and Small animal Vet. I try to help my dad doctor on any cattle, or our horses, dogs or cats that need doctoring. And I watch this show The Incredible Dr. Pol. When I started watching I had to look away at a lot of stuff. But now I force myself to look, I also think that it’s funny that when they show the next patient and its symptoms, I pause the show and try to guess what’s wrong with the animal and what treatment they need to use. And most of the time I’m right, only a couple of times I’m wrong. I plan to stick to being in this job. Unless the books I’m writing with a friend turn out to become really popular. And I hope they turn out to be pretty popular, but I also really hope that I can still work as a Vet. I’ve learned from watching this other TV show called Songland that sometimes the song writers need to have another job just so they can pay the bills and I know that when they first start some of them get off to a rocky start and then things start to get better. But also sometimes you need life expenses to be able to write a song or a book. I’ve talked about this a couple of times with my mom and she agrees.   

English 6 Lesson 40

My assignment for today was to write an essay on one of the following two options, write a set of instructions for something that I like to do. Use sequential order. Or write about my daily routine. Use chronological order. I have decided to do my daily routine, 

  • Wake up to a song mom or dad played on the party speaker, 
  • Go in the kitchen and see what’s for breakfast. 
  • Go into the bathroom and brush the mess/monster of hair. (My hair is really wild in the morning, sometimes I look like Cousin It from the Addams family)
  •  Grab breakfast, 
  • Go into living room and watch a movie or a Tv show, (right now I’m on a Marvel kick, it’s kind of the only thing I watch right now)
  • Get dressed and go on a walk, 
  • Come back do school
  • In the middle of  one of my breaks tie up the show steer and brush him,
  • Finish the rest of school, and turn steer lose, lead him back to his pen and let him go.
  • Read my book
  • Write more on a book, that I’m writing with a friend
  • Eat dinner
  • Do it all over again

English 6 Lesson 35

My assignment today was to compare and contrast the stories of Dr. Boekman’s son Laurens, and the prodigal son in Luke 15. Think about similarities or differences in the characters: Why do they leave home?  What do they do while they are gone? Are they happy being gone? Why do they return home? How are they treated when they return?

   Dr. Boekman’s son Laurens, ran away because he thought that his father was mad because when they were trying the help a patient, Laurens thought that he’d given his father the medicine the he needed in order to cure this man but instead he gave him something else and the man had died later that day. When Laurens found out, he thought he’d murdered the man and his father was mad at him. So he ran away, years later when Laurens was much older (I’m not exactly sure how old he is) he returned home. 

His father was very happy to see him. Larurens, his father, and the Brinker family celebrated his return.  In the prodigal son in Luke 15, the son left his father because he wanted to party and have fun. He wasted all of his money, he was hungry, so he got work but they didn’t give him anything to eat. Then he decided to return home and work for his father. When he returned his father was very happy to see him. They ate the calf that they had been fattening up to eat and had a big celebration. The brother of the son who ran away had gotten jealous because he’d worked hard for his father but they had never done anything like that for him. 

In both stories the boys ran away, but for different reasons. One was scared that he had murdered a man, but he really didn’t mean to. The other wanted to party. In the end their fathers were both happy to see them.