Science 5 lesson 132

My school science assignment is to spend the rest of this week developing a story premise. First, write down on a piece of paper everything that interests you (e.g. people, places, events, hobbies, famous words, etc.). Include what you would like to do or learn about.

Second, write down on a separate piece of paper every premise that you can think of. Each must be one sentence. So instead of doing this on paper I am going to do It here on google docs. Because I am like that. Oh and I had to take my best premise line and say what if.

(Premise means summing up things in one sentence like a book! Summing up that whole book in one sentence) 

Part 1…

  • Riding and rodeoing 
  • Playing with dogs
  • Watching my cats be silly
  • Hunting for gophers
  • Doing gymnastics 
  • Listening to Laugh U.S.A
  • Coloring and drawing
  • Doing stuff outside when it’s not to hot
  • Reading
  • Cloudy rainy days 
  • Taking pics of my ranch 
  • Getting on a new horse that I don’t even know
  • Going shopping at a Western Wear Store. (NEVER A MALL!!!!) 
  • Getting to see my friends from Texas
  • Listening to country music and country music artist George Strait (he is amazing!)
  • Running in the rain
  • Wrestling with the dogs in the mud
  • Being with my dog Beulah (my favorite dog don’t tell the others)

     Part 2……..

Premise 1- Alpine Youth Rodeo the day I was bucked off my horse!

Premise 2- the time me and my dogs were covered in mud from wrestling with each other.   

Premise 3- The day it rained, and after I had been sitting inside all day went outside and ran and ran and ran!

Premise 4-The day I was in a reading coma with the Pegasus series.

Explanation on premise 4– Ok so by reading coma I am not sure that it’s a real thing but in our family it means that when you are reading a good book you block out the rest of the world and you are in the story like if you were one of the characters. I do that a lot like just yesterday I was put on some music and I was reading The Hunger Games and a song came on that was by my favorite artist next thing I know when I get up to get a drink of water a different song was on. Like about eight or nine songs had played and I hadn’t known that until I got up!   

 The “what if” part of this thing.

What if I had been more confident when my horse started to buck with  me, what if I had made him see that I was not gonna put up with this nonsense!! Or what if he didn’t buck.


Ok one other thing I will be adding on to this paper almost each day. So my assessment today was to start working on my story challenges and problems, what do I need to show and describe to make my story believable. 

Story problem- My horse bucked me off! 

Story challenge- My horse always does this, it’s not the first time! (but this is the first time I fell off but it’s NOT the first time he has bucked with me!)

What I need to make my story believable- So after I got back on my horse and all the other kids had gone and done the barrel pattern the people had prizes for all of the kids and to my surprise I won a buckle so to my my story believable I could use to picture form that day.( I also got some other stuff to but I was really proud of the buckle)  

So my assessment was to develop a designing principle that will allow me to tell a unique story. For the unique story part I guess it will be unique because I am overcoming an obstacle and a challenge. My challenge was my horse bucked me off and my obstacle is that I didn’t want to ride that horse again but I got back on him and I ended up winning a buckle. 


 For today my assignment was to determine my best character from my premise and designing principle. Who are the most interesting characters and who would I be fascinated by? So now my best character would have to be me because I am the one who gets bucked off not to sound like a diva or anything but I am just guessing that I would be the best character since this story actually happened.

My assignment again for today is to determine the central conflict of my story. What is it really about? What is my main character trying to do? Sooooo my main character is trying to get over the fear that makes her not want to ride that horse that has bucked with her more than once!!!!! ( her= me by the way this story is true but now I have the confidants to stay on the horse and push him to go faster although I have two new horses that are WAY better at not bucking)

Now for today my assignment is to determine my best character’s primary action so the primary action for my character  is trying to get better at all of the speed events. ( Barrel racing, goat tying,Pole bending, and flag race) for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.  

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