Final Draft of English 5 lesson 145

Final Draft of English 5 lesson 145

So this building is not in my city because when you have to think about what is a cool billing in my city you’d have to think for a long time. Now there are some pretty cool buildings in my town but in my opinion this one building that is not in town is really cool. Anyway this building is a restaurant and it is so cool because when you go into the waiting room there are these big cages with trees planted in the middle and there are exotic birds they are sooooo beautiful.  And the building is an adobe. I love adobe buildings! 

The name of the restaurant is La Posta. It’s location is Old Mesilla, New Mexico. Now here is a fun fact well not really fun fact but it depends on what you think. But when the restaurant was a bar Billy The Kid used to hang out there in my opinion that was pretty cool. So I guess I should move on to how good the food is. It’s really good the hamburgers there are AMAZING!!!! Since I have only been there once I do not know how good the rest of the food is but I love their hamburgers.   

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