English 5 lesson 155

If I could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would I do?

If I could do one thing to make the world a better place I would see that every kid has a show animal. (this might sound crazy but just keep reading and you’ll see why) Having a show animals teaches so many things like responsibility, finance, hard work, how to take care of different animals. It’s really fun and rewarding (you get money if you do well with your animal especially at jackpots). Let me give you an example of animals you could show. Steer, pigs, lambs, goats. And that’s it!

 So of course I am sure all counties are different but you can show a horse but showing horses is not like showing a steer or a lamb. Showing horses is really fun though! There are some similar things but not all things are the same. Here’s my example of my morning when I have to show a horse v.s me showing my lambs or steer.

Showing horses- Get up early in the morning, eat breakfast, get dressed in clothes that you can wash your horse in. Pick out your show outfit of your choice. And the day before you should have loaded you wash supplies in the trailer. Load your horse in the trailer after you fed him or her. Drive to wherever you’re having the show. (this is usually at our rodeo arena) Unload your horse, get wash supplies you put in the trailer (water hose, soup, brush, mud boots,) find a spot where you can put your wash supplies. Wash your horse and wait for him to dry (just tie him to the trailer and he  will dry out in the sun before you show trust in me. Grab your show outfit and go into the trailer and change (if you don’t wanna do that then just use the bathrooms they have there but if they have no bathrooms then just change in the trailer). Your horse should be dry by then so everybody (while you were doing this other people were showing up) should be here doing the exact same thing. Anyway you grab your show halter ( show haters are fancier than regular ones. Now if you don’t have a show halter that’s fine we just borrow one from our friends). You wait till your class then you show and that is nothing to it. Now it’s a little more complicated when you show but I didn’t go into the details about that.

Showing lambs/steer- same thing you would have loaded everything in the trailer the day before. (our fair is stretched out into several days so…) Get up early in the morning fed animals (I usually do but sometimes dad does it for me… sometimes but other than that it’s up to me) anyway load up steer and lambs go to the fairgrounds. Unload the animals and find a spot to put them (put the sheep in  the sheep/lamb barn and steers in the steer barn) unload all the other stuff (show related stuff including the animals feed.) And wait till it’s the day where you show. Our fair dragged out  over several days, example: lamb,and another show animal on a certain day. You have to come back to the fair ground to feed. Basically you stay at the fairgrounds all day then you go home and take a shower then you come back the next day  you can feed and stay at the fairgrounds all day again. It’s the same thing until it’s your day to show!

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