Black Beauty

Black Beauty is a book by Anna Sewell, it is such a good book. For those of you who do not know that book I will tell you a little bit about it but not too much or else I will just spoil the story. This story is in Black Beauty’s point of view, he starts out when he was a foal. Then he goes to a bunch of different homes, he meets different horses, and it such a good book! There are several movies that people have made and I have only seen one, but I LOVE horses and I LOVE this book and the movies.

Here is a picture from one of the movies the black horse on the end is Black Beauty and the pony is well…. ok sorry I forgot his name, and then the sorrel mare’s name is Ginger.

Pin by Carly🌈✨ on Black Beauty | Black beauty movie, Horse movies, Horses

this is the book Black Beauty, there are newer copes and for English there was a PDF but this copy was my mom’s

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