A story

I wrote a story I’m not done with it, it’s about and zombie apocalypse the that reason everyone is turning into zombies is because of COVID- 19. Here is part of the first chapter, I will add more later but I’m posting this so you guys can tell me what you think.



I woke to the sound of my mom telling me to get dressed and pack some clothes, I sit up and ask sleepily, 

“Why, mom it’s one o’clock it’s not even time to get up!”

“There’s no time! Get up there coming!” mom said,

“Who’s coming?” 

“No time for talking, just do what I say!” I saw fear in my mom’s eyes, I hadn’t seen her look like that since dad left, she begged him to stay, but he didn’t she didn’t know what she was going to do with a four year old girl by herself she needed someone else to help luckily she found it: my grandma, my grandma help mom out until she was back on her feet. I quickly get dressed and pack some clothes in my backpack, I slip on my brown leather jacket, and put on my lace-up boots.  I brush my hair and put into a braid, I throw my brush into my backpack. 

“Out the window hurry!” My mom says, I open the window. It’s still dark outside, everything is quiet, until I hear it, a low moaning sound, I see our neighbor shuffle across his yard, but it isn’t really our neighbor, something is wrong, so very wrong with him. 

“Mom what’s going on?”  I ask,

“Ava honey, do you know of COVID-19?” My mom says,

“Yes, it’s supposed to be a very serious virus” I reply,

“Well honey, it’s a lot worse than we thought,”

“Mom what are you saying?” I say, fear rising in my voice,

“I’m saying, that this virus is turning people into zombies”  

“We gotta get out of here, but where will we go?” I say,

“We’ll figure that out later for now let’s get out of here” We jump out of the window, we take off in a run. I hear more moaning, soon we’re surrounded by zombies, 

“Mom!” I scream,

“I know, honey I know!” she says, mom picks up a rock and throws it at a zombie, it falls down, and doesn’t even try to get up it just crawls towards me and mom, 

“Ava! Run!” Mom says, I run, I get out of the zombie circle, and look back,

“Mom! Come on!” I yell,

“No honey go, go! Find a safe place, go be free!” I watch in horror as the zombies close in on mom, they start to tear at her flesh,

“MOM!” I scream,

“Ava, I love you now GO!” I run, hard til I come to the three way store, it supplies sportswear, food, and tools. I go in and grab a wooden baseball bat, then I go to the tools aisle. I grab a hammer and some nails, I hammer the nails in the bat, and make it pointy on the end. It’s a perfect weapon. I find some sleeping bags and grab one, I find another bag and I sling it over my shoulder, I stock the bag with food, hopefully this will last me. I run out of the store and go to the park, where I know right between two trees is a giant tree house that will fit four people in it, I remember when mom used to take me to the park. I loved this tree house so much, we would play in it for hours. I climb the rope ladder when I’m on the deck I pull the rope ladder up so nothing else can get in. I spread out the sleeping bag and lay down on it, but I can’t sleep. I wanted mom, but she was gone, I was the only one alive, the only one who is still human at least that I know of. I cry myself to sleep.


I was just setting in my room chilling not do much and that’s when I hear something downstairs, I open the door to my room,

“Mom, dad? You guys ok? Do you need more chicken broth?” My parents had gotten the coronavirus thing and were very sick. I make my way downstairs. My partes are in the kitchen,

“I guess they needed more chicken broth after all” I mumble, I go into the kitchen, wow who died here? Then rotted for two thousand years! It smelled bad in here, I look at my parents but they’re not my parents, their skin is green, and their moaning. 

“Wow I guess you guys are sicker than I thought!” I say, I run back into the living room and grab the broom that was nearby. My parents shuffle into the living room, I whack my dad in the head with the broom, he moans some more,

“Listen I love you guys, but I don’t like the idea of becoming whatever you are right now” I say, I shove my parents in a closet, run upstairs and I pack some clothes, I run back downstairs and all the way to my buddy Ryan’s house.


I knew something was wrong the moment I saw my parent’s green skin and they were moaning, so I did what any typical teenage boy would do if his parents were green skinned and moaning, I locked them in the bathroom. Someone rang the doorbell, I opened it very carefully,  I saw a figure with dark brown hair and a wild look in his eyes, oh wait, it’s Jason never mind there’s no red alert we’re all good.

“Hey what’s wrong?” I ask,

“My parents are… are zombies! They had the coronavirus thing, and now they’re zombies! They’re green skinned, and moaning!”

“No way, you too!” Dude this is bad very bad, we have to get out of here!” Jason nods, he follows me to my room, I pack some clothes and we head out to the front door. On our way to the store we ran into a girl from our school, I think her name is Emliy. Her black hair was put up in a messy bun, she look really scared,   


I ran into two guys from my school, 

“Ok tell me if I’m going crazy but is this virus turning people into zombies!” I say, they both nod, one of the guys with black hair speaks up,

“Yeah, it’s freaky,” 

“I agree” said the other guy with dark brown hair. 

“Do…do you think we’re the only ones left” I ask,

“I don’t know, but I don’t like to be out in the open like this. Let’s find some shelter, and in the morning, we should go to the park, there’s a tree house, we’ll be safeer in there” said the dark haired guy,

“I’m Emliy, what’s your name?” I ask, 

“I’m Jason and this is Ryan” Says Jason, I followed the guys to the store, where we stocked up on food and some hand made weapons, 

“You two rest, I take the first watch” Says Ryan,

“No I’ll take the first watch” Jason said, they both get into an argument about who should take the first watch. I sigh,

“Enough! I’ll take the first watch you two sleep!” They agreed, I knew how to take charge, I didn’t know these two. All I knew is that they went to my school. They didn’t know me but they knew that I was dead serious. 


I open my eyes only to see that it’s day, I get up a stretch. My stomach grumbles, I open my bag and find some pop tarts, I eat them all though I rather have eggs and bacon. Today was supposed to be a school day, but by the looks of things there’s not going to be a school day.  I put my bat into a homemade sheath I had made earlier since I could sleep. I drop the rope ladder and climb down it, hopefully zombies can’t climb. I walked out of the park, and back down to the store, I wanted some bottled water. When I go into the store I hear someone, I go into the aisle next to the one where I hear the noise, I pull my bat out prepared to attack, I was angry at the zombies, for eating my mother, and I was going to take my anger out on these brain eating bozos!  I charge, out into the next aisle,

“Ahhh” I yell.


A girl with chocolate brown hair charges out of the next aisle, she comes at me and tackles me. 

“Ahhh!” I yell, she had a baseball bat with nails pointed at my face, 

“Get this freaky chick off me!” I say, Jason and Emliy pull the girl off of me. She fight them swinging her bat around, 

“Let me go! You stiuped dirty zombie!” she said, she seemed mad like she had a score to settle with the zombies. 

“I’m not a zombie!” Jason said, she turn to face him,

“OMG! Your human!” 

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