A Story Part 2

So I had did a post called A Story, well I have added on to the story that I did. Hope you Enjoy!


A girl with chocolate brown hair charges out of the next aisle, she comes at me and tackles me. 

“Ahhh!” I yell, she had a baseball bat with nails pointed at my face, 

“Get this freaky chick off me!” I yell, Jason and Emily pull the girl off of me. She fought them swinging her bat around, 

“Let me go! You stupid dirty zombie!” she said, she seemed mad like she had a score to settle with the zombies. 

“I’m not a zombie!” Jason said, she turned to face him,

“OMG! Your human!” 

“Yes I’m human” Jason said calmly,

“I’m so sorry, I’m not usually like this, I’m just freaked out and and my mom she’s gone those stupid brain eating monsters killed her!” And I thought you were one of them so, I tried to…to kill you I’m so so sorry” 

“It’s ok, no hard feelings” I smiled at the girl, she was really freaked out. I felt bad for her.  But I was also very scared of her. Anyone who has a baseball bat with nails in the end of it should NOT I repeat NOT be messed with. Period. End of discussion. 

“What’s your name?” Emily asks,

“Ava, what’s yours?”

“I’m Emily, this is Jason and the guy you tried to kill is Ryan” I give a slight wave, Ava takes a deep breath to try to calm down. 

“Again I’m so so sorry” she says,

“It’s fine I’m still alive right?” she nods, “See we’re good!” I say,

“So, what now?” Jason asks,

“I don’t know? Maybe we should find shelter?” Emily says,

“Already done!” Ava says with a smile, she puts her scary baseball bat back into her sheath and let’s hope that it stays there until we come across a zombie

“So where is this shelter?” I ask,

“At the park,” Ava said, she started to walk off, we walk of after her,


I walked out into the parking lot, I’m now not the only one left, I saw these kids before at school, but I was always keeping to myself, I never really wanted to talk to anyone at the school. They would spread rumors, that just hurt others. So I tended to stay in the shadows. But now more than ever I was happy to see other people. For one slight moment I felt a flash of hope, then the flash was gone, now even if we live we still are the only ones in the whole messed up plant. I took a good look at all of the vehicles, I knew how to hot wire, I just needed the perfect car or truck. Whatever caught my eye, finally I saw a big red truck. Perfect I walk over to it, there was someone inside, no wait that’s a zombie,

“Ok how am I going to do this,”  I say aloud, oh I know! I climb in the bed of the truck then I climb onto the roof, I lay on my stomach and grab the handle.  The door comes open and the zombie tumbles out, he gets up and starts to head to the others. Who were not there a second ago.  I jump down pull my bat out, I hit the zombie,

“Hey! Ugly!” I say, the thing moans and comes after me,

“I really didn’t think this through”  I said as I ran, the others got in the truck and started it, they chased after me and the zombie. Ryan opens the passenger door,

“Jump in!” He says, I give him a look, but what choice do I have? Ok this is going to be harder than I thought. I grab the handle in the inside of the truck, after a few failed attempts I’m in. I slam the door closed, lean back in the seat and sigh,

“I don’t think I came prepared for an zombie apocalypse” I say, Ryan stops the truck,

“I don’t think any of us where prepared for this,” Jason says,

“Why did you stop the truck? Is something wrong?” I ask, Ryan looks at me, 

“I’m not the best driver and I don’t want to get us killed just because I can’t drive” He gets out, “Anyone know how to drive? And is good at it?” He asks, 

“I do,” Jason says, 

“Good, then you take the wheel” Ryan and Jason change places, I hope Jason wasn’t lying about knowing how to drive, otherwise we were going to be in some serious trouble. Jason drives us back to the tree house where I had made my camp for the night, we all get out and climb the rope ladder, 



There was a sleeping bag it the corner of the tree house along with a bag full of food, and a few dried up leaves the place looked sad, which is how I feel, sad because my parents are gone, sad because by the looks of things nothing will be the same again, but I was glad to have Ryan here along with two VERY pretty girls. I remind myself to stop that, these girls were not your typical girls, they were the ‘Normal-looking and acting till a zombie apocalypse then they’re not afraid to kick butt’ kind of girls. Emily’s hair had come out of her bun, she must’ve realized that it was a mess, 

“Hey Ava, do you have a hair brush, because I could seriously use one right now?” Ava nodded, and reached into her backpack, she pulled out a blue plastic hairbrush, and gave it to Emily 

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