A story Part 3

I added a little more……………


There was a sleeping bag it the corner of the tree house along with a bag full of food, and a few dried up leaves the place looked sad, which is how I feel, sad because my parents are gone, sad because by the looks of things nothing will be the same again, but I was glad to have Ryan here along with two VERY pretty girls. I remind myself to stop. These girls were not your typical girls, they were the ‘Normal-looking and acting till a zombie apocalypse then they’re not afraid to kick butt’ kind of girls. Emily’s hair had come out of her bun, she must’ve realized that it was a mess, 

“Hey Ava, do you have a hair brush, because I could seriously use one right now?” Ava nodded, and reached into her backpack, she pulled out a blue plastic hairbrush, and gave it to Emily. She brushed it and put it up into a ponytail. Ava was pacing back and forth, clearly thinking of something…but what she was thinking? Was she thinking of a way for everything to go back to normal? No she doesn’t seem that smart, I mean she’s smart, but not enough to be able to create something to help us…or was she that smart? Ava finally stopped and said something completely random,


“Excuse me?” Ryan said,

“We have to go to the school! There’s bound to be someone in there! Or trapped in there!” Emily put her hand on Ava’s shoulder, a look of sympathy on her face,

“Ava, I wish you were right, but there’s no point, you were lucky enough to find us, I don’t think we’ll have that kind of luck again.”  Ava was a stubborn girl, I knew she refused to believe that we were the only one’s left, I would have probably let her down gentler than Emily. Ava looked like she was gonna cry, she’d been through a lot, she lost her mom and worst of all she had watched what happened, which makes it even harder for her. 

“Geese Emily do you have to be so harsh?” Ryan said,

“Yeah Emily, come on, she’s been through enough she just wanted a little bit of hope, and here you go crushing that little sliver of hope!” I say, 

“Well I didn’t mean to be such a dream crusher but it’s true!” Ava, really looked like she really was gonna cry now, she goes out of the tree house and down the rope ladder, she starts to run, 

“Great, thanks Emily!” I say, I take off after Ava, I almost lost her a couple of times but I always found her again. I was mad at Emily, why would she say something like that to such a nice girl like Ava, Emily doing this makes me wonder, if she has feelings. Ava finally collapses by a tree at the end of the park, she puts her head in her hands and she begins to cry, hard, very hard. She hears me, and looks up, her face is tearstained and her eyes are already puffy,

“What are you doing here?” She asks,

“I came to make sure you were ok,” I say,

“Well I’m not, so just go!” I sit down beside her, 

“I’m not leaving, so you can either talk to me or just ignore me, but either way I’m staying,”  

“I’ll talk to you, I guess,” Ava said,

“You don’t sound to positive,” I say, she smiles a little, but then frowns again,

“I’m positive” 

“Good” I smile at her, her milky chocolate eyes study me, 

“You want to talk about it?” I ask, 

“Sure,”  She says,

“So what happened exactly?” I ask,

“Mom was telling me to get up, she said that they were coming, I didn’t know what she was talking about but I knew better than to argue with her. Once I had packed my stuff and got dressed she told me what was happening, I was so scared but I knew that as long as she was with me I would be safe. Then these zombies, circled us, mom throw a rock at one zombie it fell down, but kept going I was able to get out of the circle but mom wasn’t so lucky, I watched in horror as they teared at her flesh,” Ava paused, she must’ve been seeing all of this again, the zombies tearing at her mom’s flesh, her fear, just thinking about it made my skin crawl,

“I was so scared that I was on my own, until I met you guys. What’s your story?” Ava asked,

“I was in my room, and I heard something downstairs so I, went to go to check on my parents, they had the Coronavirus thing and I was taking care of them, they were in the kitchen, and when I went in there, I saw that they were zombie long story short, I locked them in a closet” Ava laughed a little, but immediately she got sad again, her eyes were getting teary, I pull her into a hug, and say,

“It’s going to be ok, as soon as we set Emily straight we’ll go to the high school, and maybe see if we can find someone there, ok?” She nods, and she begins to cry again, I hold her close rocking her back and forth and saying,

“It’ll be ok, it’ll be ok,” 


Ava and Jason were gone for a really long time, Ryan had just gotten done lecturing  me about what I had said to Ava, I was really sorry about that, it’s just I tend to blurt things out sometimes and it gets me into a lot of trouble. 

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