You-Know-Who’s back!

This is for all the Harry potter fans! (Please tell me if you get this)

The whole year has been crazy, the summer here in New Mexico was hot, and there’s been little rain……some of you may know what that means… means that Voldemort is back! The sighs are obvious! So if you ever think about coming to New Mexico just be careful…. he’s out there!

These 'Harry Potter' memes will get you through the quarantine – Film Daily
Jeez, Voldemort... Get it right! | Harry potter jokes, Harry potter puns, Harry  potter funny

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Voldemort : - I have an army !! Harry, Ron, Hermione : - We have nouses !!  | Harry potter voldemort, Harry potter quotes funny, Harry potter puns
Surprised Voldemort - Imgflip

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