English 6 Lesson 35

My assignment today was to compare and contrast the stories of Dr. Boekman’s son Laurens, and the prodigal son in Luke 15. Think about similarities or differences in the characters: Why do they leave home?  What do they do while they are gone? Are they happy being gone? Why do they return home? How are they treated when they return?

   Dr. Boekman’s son Laurens, ran away because he thought that his father was mad because when they were trying the help a patient, Laurens thought that he’d given his father the medicine the he needed in order to cure this man but instead he gave him something else and the man had died later that day. When Laurens found out, he thought he’d murdered the man and his father was mad at him. So he ran away, years later when Laurens was much older (I’m not exactly sure how old he is) he returned home. 

His father was very happy to see him. Larurens, his father, and the Brinker family celebrated his return.  In the prodigal son in Luke 15, the son left his father because he wanted to party and have fun. He wasted all of his money, he was hungry, so he got work but they didn’t give him anything to eat. Then he decided to return home and work for his father. When he returned his father was very happy to see him. They ate the calf that they had been fattening up to eat and had a big celebration. The brother of the son who ran away had gotten jealous because he’d worked hard for his father but they had never done anything like that for him. 

In both stories the boys ran away, but for different reasons. One was scared that he had murdered a man, but he really didn’t mean to. The other wanted to party. In the end their fathers were both happy to see them.    

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