The Apocalypse of 2020, Aka A story part 5

I finally cam up with a name for the story, now instead of A Story part 5 I will just put the title: Apocalypse of 2020. What I’ve posted for you guys isn’t much but I will post more as soon as I think of what happens next. Which could take a while,



I had to get away, when I was watching the boys fight I felt helpless. I hate that feeling, I wanted mom back…I wanted to feel her comfort, to smell her perfume, to hear her voice. Ava, I love you now GO! Those were the last words mom had said before she…she got eaten, my eyes got teary, I wiped the tears away and continued walking.  The clouds were starting to come together, making everything look a little bit darker, which didn’t improve my mood much. I have no clue where I was going, I had not yet had the chance to look around town, I couldn’t stop thinking about when I kissed Jason. I shake my head, I can’t think about that right now, I just had to go, I had to be alone. 

But that wish didn’t last forever. As soon as I make it past the church, I run into some zombies. I reach for my bat only to realize that I left it back at the high school, I curse, and run into the church. I baccarat myself in the church, but I know that the door won’t hold for long. I run up into the choir loft, and hope that I’m safe. Oh, why was I so stupid to  leave my bat back at the high school? I was freaking out, how was I going to get out of this one? I hear the door crack open. I scream, I was about to jump out the window when something grabbed me, 

“AH! AH! Let me go! AHHH!” I screamed bloody murder, 

“Ava! Ava! It’s ok, it’s me Jason! Ava calm down!” I turn around, now facing Jason,

“Jason! Oh my god! It’s you!” I hug him, but then I pull away quickly,

“Sorry,” I say,

“It’s fine,” he said hugging me back, “So what do you say that we go back to the tree house” He said smiling,

“I’d love that,” I say. The blood on Jason’s nose had completely dried up and his eye was starting to blacken,

“Jason, your nose,” He seems to remember that fact that he’d just been in a fight,

“Right, well I didn’t have time to think about that at the moment, all I cared about was looking for you” That last comment had filled me with warmth. 

“That’s really sweet of you Jason,” I replied, I grabbed Jason’s hand and we walked out of the church, rain was coming down lightly and it was getting colder. 

“Come on,” I say, urging Jason to move faster, we finally make it back to the tree house, Benjamin is sitting on the couch, glaring at me and Jason. 

“I see you found her,” He said coldly,

“And I will have no regrets about feeding you to the zombies” I say, hes eyes widened in panic. I kind of strut passed him and entered my room to change. When I walk out again, I see that Jason has changed also, Emily and Ryan sat on the far end of the couch, Jason picked a chair next to the couch and sat down. I walked over to Jason and sat down  next to him on the floor, I crossed my legs.

“So…I’m guessing until we can build another bedroom Benjamin is sleeping on the couch?” I say breaking the silence, Ryan and Emily shake their heads,

“I really didn’t want him here” Ryan said giving Benjamin a dirty look,

“Same” said Emily, I turn to Jason, he shifted uncomfortably, I could tell he didn’t like everyone staring at him,

“Well…I don’t know, I guess he could stay. But on the other hand he’s a pain in the butt. So…I guess I’m saying that I don’t want him here either” Everyone turns to me,

“You guys want the truth?” I ask, everyone nods,

“I think Benjamin is a no good dirty little weasel two devers to be fed to the zombies, but he’s a human, he’s alive, don’t any of you guys want your normal lives back?” There was a stunned silence, everyone knew I was right no matter who he was, he was still human. And maybe if we were under different stercumstanses then I would probably not be giving my friends a grand speech about he’s a human and whatnot.  

“So…he stays?” Emily asks,    

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