English 6 Lesson 40

My assignment for today was to write an essay on one of the following two options, write a set of instructions for something that I like to do. Use sequential order. Or write about my daily routine. Use chronological order. I have decided to do my daily routine, 

  • Wake up to a song mom or dad played on the party speaker, 
  • Go in the kitchen and see what’s for breakfast. 
  • Go into the bathroom and brush the mess/monster of hair. (My hair is really wild in the morning, sometimes I look like Cousin It from the Addams family)
  •  Grab breakfast, 
  • Go into living room and watch a movie or a Tv show, (right now I’m on a Marvel kick, it’s kind of the only thing I watch right now)
  • Get dressed and go on a walk, 
  • Come back do school
  • In the middle of  one of my breaks tie up the show steer and brush him,
  • Finish the rest of school, and turn steer lose, lead him back to his pen and let him go.
  • Read my book
  • Write more on a book, that I’m writing with a friend
  • Eat dinner
  • Do it all over again

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