English 6 Lesson 50

My assignment for today was to write about what I like to do after school when I have free time. Or write an explanatory essay to my younger sibling explaining how to do my chores. I don’t have any younger siblings so I’ll do the first option. When I have free time I write on a book me and a friend are writing together. I also like to shoot hair spray cans with a BB gun and video them as they explode! I really love to ride horses, but only if my dad is here, if he is not here and he’s at work and my mom is at work then I must go to my grandparents house and do school there. Once I’m done with school I work on the story. But it’s good to be with my grandparent’s. I get a lot of the story down when I’m there. It’s really nice because if I need to I can go straight back to my house if I need anything because my grandparents are basically my neighbors. And so it doesn’t take long for me to go and get what I need from my house. We all live on the property and I guess I’m lucky that I have my grandparents living this close.  

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