History 5 Lesson 25


Charles Wheatstome was born in England in 1802. He invested in Valta’s book, he built his own battery for experimentation. He learned that sound is caused by vibrating pressure waves. He invented the microphone in 1827. The microphone converts sound  into electricity. It’s the same thing with the speakers in reverse. There’s a diaphragm attached to the coil. Magnet induces current in an oscillating wire coil. Electric signals amplified by other circuits. Wheatstone’s efforts led to modern microphone. Began working on electric telegraph in 1835. This led to the telephone in the 1870s. Thomas Edison invented the “carbon microphone” in 1977. 


William Austin Burt was born in Massachusetts in 1792. He became fascinated with sailing. He was devoted to his studies to suinces to help people. Burt invented astronomical instruments. He invented the typewriter in 1829. Typewriters imprinted neat writing into paper. Later models reduced jamming. People can type faster than they can write. Typewriters produced neat documents on demand. Burt’s typewriter wasn’t successful in his life to come up with a workable solution. The hansen writing ball was invented in 1865 Sholes and Glidden released the modern design in 1874. He had some drawbacks, writers began using them. 

Braille Reading System

Louis Braille was born in France in 1809. HE played in his father’s leather shop and he damaged his eye, the infection spread to his other eye. He became a very good student. He attended school for the blind. Braille wanted to help blind people become literate. He learned of the Barvier’s system and he devised his own in 1824. Braille allows blind people to read at standard speeds.  Brallie’s system improved reading speed over Barber’s. There are six raised dots in different patterns. Blind people can read proficiently and can access deep pools of knowledge. Founder of a school for blind invented his own reading system. Braille began publishing books on his new system in the 1830s. Resistance to Braille’s method because of loyalty to the old one. Braille’s students began spreading Braille’s system after his death.

Sewing Machine

Bartholemy Thimonsier was born in France in 1829. He opened a factory to produce military uniforms for the military. His factory survived for almost 200 years.Sewing machines stitch fabric together mechanically. The lock stitch is its “Secret”. It forms a very strong connection. The sewing machine makes it easy and fast to make it quality. Thimonmter’s machine spread throughout France, American Walter Hunt invented one in 1832. John fisher made a more useful model in 1846. Isaac Singer became successful in the business of selling sewing matches in 1856.             


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