History 5 Lesson 30

So before you read the lesson thingy, I’m letting you guys know that there is only pictures on the first invention and the last invention, but that’s only because I couldn’t find good pictures of the other inventions.

Platform Scale 

Thaddeus Fairbanks was born in 1796 in Massachusetts. Built an iron foundry in 1823. His brother Erstus came to work for him. Thaddeus solved the problem of too large counterweights. It nuented the platform scale in 1830. Platform scales measure large and heavy objects.For example, there are big enough scales to weigh show steers. They take advantage of the advantage offered by levers. They were functional, there were no cranes required and they were very accurate. Demand for the scale was strong, and industrialization continued stimulating demand. Fairbanks began selling the scales overseas. Sales slowed during the Civil war. By the 1860s, the scales were in numerous industries. 

Here are some pictures of a cattle scale. As you can see there are many different versions of the cattle scale.

Railroad T-Rail

Robert Stevens was born in New Jersey in 1787, he worked with his father to build steamships. Stevens improved various steamship designs and became president of the railroad company in 1830. He invented the t-rail in 1831. The flanged t-rail: upside down “T”. The heavier it is the greater load it can carry. It’s strength comes from the  similarity to the I-beam. Railroad ties are spaced 18 inches apart, til plates fasted the rails to the ties. Sevens rail became an American standard. It was sturdy and easy to install. Charles vignoles introduced the design to Britain. It became known there as “vignoles” rail. 

Multi Loop Magnet 

Joseph Henry was born in New York in 1797. He became interested in science at 16. He also became a state engineer after college. Henry became a science professor in 1826 at age 29. He invented multiple- coil magnets in 1831. Non-insulated wire shorts out when touching each other. Henry could squeeze coils close to each other. N= loop, I=current, L=length. How to make a strong B? Henry built the world’s strongest electromagnet for Yale. Created early-version of motor, Smithsonian Institution founded in 1846. Increase and diffuse knowledge. 

Mechanical Reaper

Cyrus McCormick was born in Virginia in 1809. Cyrus’s father, Robert spent years trying to develop a mechanical reaper. Cyrus took inspiration from a British version. McCormick had a calling, his reaper was patented in 1834. McCormick’s reaper was pulled by horses. A “Corraige” that had a moving knife to cut the wheat. They tossed off to the side. The reaper reduced limits on farming output, this increased profit potential. McCormick’s reaper was slow to speak at first. Patent wars hindered its adoption too. He lopt the patent war, and decided to innovate. He implemented innovative marketing campaigns. Offered money-back guarantees to midwest farmers.         

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