English 6 Lesson 105

Assignment:  Use my creativity and the examples of the stories this week to write my own Greek myth story. 

There is this Greek story called The Golden Touch. So I chose to write my own little version of the story. Where I try to convince King Midas that gold isn’t everything. (This is super short, sorry!) 

I was there when King Midas had gotten the offer that he could have anything he wanted.
“Your majesty, if I may have a word with you?” I asked, 

“Yes, I suppose.” He replied with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
“Your majesty, if you do get this ‘golden touch’ who’s to say what will happen, what if it affects people! What if it affects the food you eat and the water you drink! What if you can’t even touch your daughter? Think of her! What would happen if she turned to gold! What would you do? Pardon me for speaking my mind you majesty but gold isn’t everything! There are more important things is life!” He seemed to ponder my words. But apparently they didn’t get to him, because he proceeded to go on with his wish. The next morning I saw that the rose bushes were solid gold. I can’t believe he didn’t listen to me! I had to find that man that granted him this wish. 

“Please! I know you said you won’t! But his daughter is solid gold! Tons of things are solid gold! I know he’s regretting his choice, please help him!” I plead.
“Why do you care so much for this greedy king?” The man asked, 

“He is being stupid, gold isn’t everything and he’s learning that now. Besides, I think his daughter is cool. And I’m not insane enough to talk to a solid gold statue. I’m insane enough to do anything else but talking to a statue seems crazy. Even for me.” The man sighed. 

“Fine, I’ll help.”
“Thank you.” 

“Don’t ever ask me anything, ever again got it?” he said, I nodded, then walked away. Crazy greedy man. Maybe I shouldn’t have warned him, just let him suffer. But that was not the kind of person I am.            

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