History 5 Lesson 100


Alfred Nobel was born in 1833 in Sweden. His father made weapons for Russian Tsar. Alfred studied chemistry in Paris. He learned about explosives from his father. His younger brother was killed in an explosion. He invented dynamite in 1867. Very powerful explosive “dynamis”.  Stabilizes the nitroglycerin. Other chemicals provide other benefits. Packaged in cylindrical cardboard tube. IT was used in construction demolition. Could be shipped across state lines. Spread to mining. 


Charles Goodnight was born in  Illinois in 1836. He joined with the Confederacy then with Loving. They drove cattle from Texas. Invented the chuckwagon in 1866. “Chuck” Is slang for food. Chuckwagon= mobile kitchen. Stocked easily prescribed food. It allowed large groups the agility to travel long distances. Profit opportunities for selling Texas cattle appeared after the Civil War. Cattle drives are popular. Chuckwagons were crucial for cattle drives. 


Christpher Lathem Sholes born in Pennsylvania in 1819. Tried to invent a typesetting machine. Desirel to easily print page numbers. Invented the modern typewriter in 1867. Typewriters inprint neat writing into paper. Later models reduced jamning. People can type faster than they write. Typewriters produce neat documents on demand. The 1867 prototype secured inventory. Their main investor had issues but funded it anyway. Sholay began incorporating other feathers from other modes. The 1878 model added lowercase letters.

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