English 6 Lesson 120

My favorite character or should I say characters, because I can’t choose just one is from the book called The Railway Children. My favorite characters are the children and their mother. Their mother writes children stories, and poems. I’m not one who likes poems that much but I do like writing. The Children’s names were Roberta, who was the eldest, Peter, who was the middle child, and Phyllis, the youngest. There was this nickname that the other children had for Roberta and it was Bobbie. 

I don’t know why they called her that but they did. The children are my favorite characters because they go on so many adventures, and I like to go on adventures too. Maybe not as many or as boldly as they do but still. For example. There was this time that Peter saved a dog and a baby from a burning boat.  I’m not as brave as Peter to do something like that! But I’m brave enough to get on a thousand pound animal with a mind of its own and run around in an arena with a barrel that you have to turn around without knocking them over, while going as fast as you can. Some people think that’s crazy but it’s just normal to me. I can be brave and do something like that but saving a baby from a burning boat that was docked is not something I can do. I do admire the children’s boldness. Overall I have four favorite characters from that book. I couldn’t pick just one.        

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