History 5 Lesson 115

Riveted Blue Jeans 

Levi Strauss was born in 1829 in Germany. Family entered the dry goods business. Moved to San Francisco during the Gold Rush. Strauss sold fine goods. Jacob Davis was a talented tailor. He installed rivets in pants. Together with Starauss, invented blue jeans in 1873. Blue jeans are made from denim. More durable than other kinds of work pants. The jeans were blue because of indigo dye. Which makes the pants softer over time. Davis managed the factory. Promoted the rivets in their advertising. Spread as people saw railroad workers wearing them. Received another boost from Dude Ranch Craze. 

Fire Sprinkler 

Congreve invented a manual sprinklers system in 1812. Maxim invented an automatic sprinkler in England, but it didn’t catch on. Henry Parmallee was born in Ohio in 1812. He faced high insurance costs for his piano factory. Invented the automatic fire sprinkler in 1874. Fire sprinklers advise automatically. It can detect heat using heat-sensitive elements. High-pressure water released when the element breaks. Only sprinklers closest to the fire are activated. Parmalee had good success in the US. Had to educate insurance companies in Europe. Low adoption by 1883. Frederick Grinnel improved Parmalee’ design in 1881. 

QWERTY Keyboard 

Christopher Latham Sholes editor in wisconsin. Prints letters onto paper when keys pressed. Sholes secured an investor. Sholes secured an investor. Sholes continued to refine the device. Invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1878. Standard Keyboard layout. Optimizes typing speed. 100 words per minute. Spread as Remington models sold. Competitors created alternate layouts. Remington sold the typewriter business to what became Remington Rand. 

Dental Drill 

  The clockwork drill was invented in 1864. Air drill was invented in 1868. George Green invented the electric dental drill in 1875. Vital for fixing tooth problems. Used in filling cavities. Removes decay. Primary benefit: Speed, it caused less pain and stainless was sanitary.       

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