History 5 Lesson 120


Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland in 1847. His mother’s deafness inspired him to study acoustics. Bell thought a German had sent sounds over electrical wires. Bell used a reed system to transmit sound through wires. He received confidence from Joseph Henry in 1878. Patented the telephone in 1876. Telephones allow people to talk to each other remotely. DC voltage supplied for POTs at the center office. He made instantaneous voice communication. Bell made the first phone call in 1876. He put on a public demonstration. The Western Union declined to buy the patent. Founded Bell Telephone companion in 1874. AT and T became the largest corporation in the world.  

Carpet Sweeper   

Melville Bissell was born in New York in 1843. He opened his own grocery store. He then opened a crockery store in 1870 with his wife. Recession struck in 1873. Bissell invented the carpet sweeper in 1876. It was a mechanically powered “vacuum”. Adjustable height for different floor types and better cleaning action. They were quite easy to use. He had trouble getting started. He founded the Bissell company into the sweepers. Bissell died in 1889 and his wife took over operations. Exaned the company overseas. 


Thomas Edison was born in Ohio in 1847. His mother trains hom to be a self-learner. Edison entered the telegraph industry after saving the life of a small child. He wondered if he could record AND playback sound. He invented the phonograph in 1877. Ethes waveforms into dic surfaces. Tone arms pick up bumps and valleys to vibrate membranes (Speaker.) Physical amplitude and frequency converts into electrical amplitude and frequency. Edison first thought businesses would be the target market. Phonograph parlor opened in 1889. Alexander Graham Bell improved the invention. Breakthrough with vinyl records fed to radio popularity. Early artists had to record hundreds or thousands of takes. Records were being sold in pharmacies.  

Motion Pictures

Edward Muggeridge was born in England in 1830. Providentially enlangland in stagecoach accident. He became a photographer in 1866. Auracted interest in Leland Stanford. He invented motion pictures in 1878. He learned that fast-moving images give the appearance of motion, after he took some pictures of a horse loping. Sound and music are symed in the film. One movie= 10,000 feet of film. This allows us to create immersive entertainment. Muybrdige’s work was advertised in Scientific American. Thomas Edison got invaded after meeting with Muybeidge in 1888. Adopted the standard 35mm film and released his kinescope in 1894. Innovators moved to escape Edso’s legal grasp. First Hollywood studio built in 1911. TV put pressure on film in the 1950s.          


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