English 6 Lesson 125

If I could live anywhere I wanted I would just stay right where I am. I’ll travel to visit other places but that doesn’t mean I want to live there. Unless there’s an opportunity that comes along that requires me to move. I know how to read. I can go anywhere I want to in a book. Why would I need to move? I think that going back to a small town in Texas that I used to live in would be cool to visit again. I could see all my old friends.  I would also like to visit Las Vegas again. Yes I said again. I went there when I was in 1st or 2nd grade for my aunt’s wedding. I don’t remember much about it. But I think it would be cool to go back there. My point is, I’m happy living right where I am. Also, I don’t want to move again. It takes too much work. Trust me, I’ve moved three times. 

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