Science 6 Lesson 125

So I know that there’s not many of my 6th grade science projects are on here but that’s because I’ve done a lot of reading for Science, which I don’t mind because I love to read, now onto the assignment. I was supposed to got to a farm or a ranch and ask some questions, I live on a ranch and we farm a little so I just asked my dad the questions.

  1. What are some practices that limits soil erosion and water pollution? You can use cover crops so that when it rains your fields don’t erode and all of the sediment and the soil doesn’t get in the streams.

2. What are some methods used to conserve the natural resources? For Farming: Use a drip system, it has pipes that goes under the ground so the water reaches the roots of the plants. If the water was just placed on top, where the water could evaporate. So that uses more water just to make sure that your crop is well watered. For Ranching: There’s a saying take half leave half. That just means if your grazing a pasture, you want to let your cattle or whatever livestock you have graze half of it then leave half so put then in another pasture. That way the grass can grow, the whole cycle kind repeats itself.

3. What would happen differently if these methods were not used. If you didn’t have a cover crop your fields would erode, the wind would take away all of the soil, so you can’t plant anything for next year. The same thing would happen if you didn’t use the take half leave half method.

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