English 6 Lesson 80

While reading Around The World In 80 Days, I found myself fascinated with India. While there were many locations to choose from India is my choice today. 

 I choose India because  because it’s interesting art pieces and clothing. When I see the pictures of the variety of colors on their clothes, it makes me think I’m walking through a rainbow. There’s bright orange, green, pink, orange and pink, all of them look so festive and fun, just looking at the colors makes me want to dance. Their art is interesting, from what I’ve seen of their art. Lots of it has to do with their religion. Like for example, The Hindu goddess Parvati, she’s the goddess of love, beauty, harmony, marriage, children and devotion. Or Nataraja, the Hindu god of dance. 

In the book, it described the varieties of food. The author’s discretion made me think I was there. There was this one dish that sounded really good to me, it was called Railway Mutton curry, it is a dish that is prepared with goat meat and vegetables. Just thinking about it makes me hungry.  

While I was taken around the world, India stood out the most to me, with all of its bright colors, and amazing sounding food. In my mind, I could hear the music and it made me want to dance and have a celebration.            

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