English 6 Lesson 85

I have no desire to travel around the world. But I would travel around to places in the United States, while being horseback. I would have to plan ahead, that way I could find a place for my horse, and a hotel for me. If I can’t get a hotel, I probably wouldn’t mind sleeping with my horse. There would be no point in bringing my phone, so I’d just leave it at home. I’d need a good horse who would not spook at the bags I’d put on my saddle that would hold my food, water, and most importantly clothes. I live in New Mexico, I’d travel to Arizona, and stay there for a few days. Then I’d go to Nevada, stay there for a few days at whatever town that I stop in, and maybe go to California. I’d travel through Oregon and Idaho,I wouldn’t stop just to be a tourist. I would only travel through there so I could go to Wyoming. Then I’d go to Colorado, and Kansas. I’d travel to Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. I might go to Virginia. For my route back I would go through North Carolina, then Georgia, to Mississippi. I would go through Arkansas and then Texas, and back home in New Mexico.   While there are some places other than the U.S I would like  to visit. I feel that this trip through the U.S on a horse sounds like more fun.    

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