An Idea, Let’s See Where It Goes

This is a stupid name for this post, but I’m not feeling creative, besides I do have an idea and I want to see where it goes. So there is this big black dog hanging around our house for the past couple of days. He’s been eyeing out goat. So obviously he’s probably trouble. I don’t was him to eat out goat. Anyway, a couple of days ago he was sitting up on one of the hills at our house, I swear he was watching us. He was just sitting there his ears perked up. Have I mentioned that he was big? I think I did but just in case I’m saying it again. That’s not the creepy part, the creepy part is that a few crows were circling him. So then I got this idea for a story, yes, I get idea’s for stories in the most random and sometime creepy situations. Can you blame me though? I think this will be a good one. I’m not sure yet. Ok, by now you are either bored with what I have to say or your thinking get on with it. Well my idea is what if this man and his wife just moved into the man’s father’s ranch and on that ranch there was this dog, well what if the dog haunting them, because of something the man’s family did years ago. But only members of that family can be haunted and if they are currently staying or living at that ranch. Anyone else who lived at that ranch was fine. And I know I said that I would work on that one zombie apocalypse story thing I had going but, I think I might give up on it and work on this short story. Now here’s the thing, should I post what I have of the story written so far? Do you the people who chose to read this want a sneak peak of it? Comment if you do, if you don’t then I shall leave it a mystery   until I’ve written all of it. *Evilly laughs as I disappear into the darkness and into my hobbit hole which I  chose to come out from*

I don’t know why I put that but I thought it would be funny. I think one of my other personalities took over. Which personalty you may ask? The one with a very bad taste in humor.

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