History 5 Lesson 175

Flash Memory

Fujio Masuoka was born in Japan in 1943. He went to work with Toshiba. Worked with metal-oxide semiconductor memory. Invented improved EEPROM he called “flash” memory in 1981. Flash:solid-state memory that can be quickly erased and written to . Stable and resistant to environmental effects. MOSFET; most common transistor. Stored charye signals. Published TEEE paper on NAND. Intel introduced the first chip in 1988. The Sandisk was founded in 1988. Compact Flash format launched in 1994. Used in hard drives beginning in 2007. 


James Russewell patented disc writing tech in 1966. Philips and Sony partnered in 1970 on standardized CD format. CDs overtook tapes in 1992. Developed CD-Rom format in 1985. 4.7inches, 650 MB. 33,000 sectors 2,352 bytes per sector.  Pits punched into aluminum. CD-Rom,65 times more space than hard drives in 1985. Microsoft shipped the first CD-Rom software in 1987.  CD-Rom drives became standard features on PCS in the 1990s. Magazines packed CDS full free of software in their pages. 

Cellular Phone

Concept of mobile phones emerged early. Car phones appeared in the 1940s. AT & T released IMTS in 1965. Bell labs developed cellular concepts beginning in 1947. Took 20 years for tech to develop. Martin Cooper led cell phone development at motorola. Cell phones were invented in 1973. Benefit: “Mobile” phone. Connects users to landline networks through radio. Large areas divided into cells. Increases the number of users possible. Cell ndworks were launched beginning in 1979. AMPS deployed in multiple countries. DynaTAC released in 1983. Ads conveyed the benefits. 4G (lTE) appeared in 2010. 

World Wide Web

Tin Bernes-Leo was born in England in 1955. Degree in physics, worked in telecom industry. Joined CERN in 1980. Scientists had difficulty sharing files. Developed ENQUTRE over 6 mo. Returned in 1984. Invented world wide web in 1990-1991. The www-stored info. URL is the page address on the net. Embed links make accessing additional info easy. Easily retrieve knowledge. Subdomains: ww,ftp, ect. Tin, come up with a world wide web. First  website explained how to use www. Internet  consortium formed in 1994 Netscape released in 1994. Microsoft’s browser appeared in 1995.

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