History 5 Lesson 180

Before I start the Essay I just wanted to say that this is the last lesson for History 5, I don’t know when I will be starting History 6 but I’m enjoying my break from a least one subject.

Throughout both courses of this History, I have learned to take very good notes on things. Especially for when I have to write my essays. I’m The Secretary for the 4-H Council, and for my club. As well as the Secretary for my FFA Chapter, and thanks to this course, I’ve learned to take notes and picea those notes together to make something. I’ve learned a whole lot from this course because I find myself watching movies that have to do with historical objects and I see something I learned about from History. I started telling my parents about it. Sometimes they are shocked, other times they give me more information about the invention. Especially the ones that have to do with agriculture, because my mom is a Highschool AG teacher.

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