For Real The Last English Thing

So I forgot about my Research Report I had to do so here it is and now for real I’m done with English.

My English Research Report

Apache Indaians 

So before I get into the  Apache Indians. I was originally gonna do native indians tribes in New Mexico because that’s where I live but then I decided to just focus more on the Apaches.

There are 23 Indian tribes in New Mexico but I’m only gonna talk about one Apache. Historically the Apaches were very powerful. They  constantly fought the invading Spaniards and Mexicans for centuries. The U.S. Army found them to be fierce warriors and skillful strategies. 

Hunting and Gathering 

The women were known for their ability to find and prepare food from many different plant sources. They did most of the gathering unless there were heavier plants involved.   

The Apache got food from four different sources. Hunting wild animals, gathering wild plants, trading with neighboring tribes for livestock and agricultural products or raiding the neighboring tribes. Their hunting was done usually by men, however sometimes exceptions were made depending on animal and culture. The most common weapon  that was used to hunt with was the bow and arrow. 


They wore animal hides decorated with seed beads. They made buckskin shirts, ponchos, skirts, and moccasins. They decorated them with colorful beadwork.  


They Apache live in three different houses. Teepees which were common in the plains, Wickiups common in the highlands, if a family member died it was burned. Apache of the deserts of northern Mexico live in a Hogant.

An Extra Thing

Skinwalker Legend 

Ok, so my dad told be about this and now I have an obsession with the Skinwalker Legend and now the Wendigo but I’m gonna focus on the Skinwalker legend, it’s not an Apache legend but the Apcahe’s destan cousins, the Navajo!

So Skinwalkers are usually someone who was abosstated in witchcraft and the most common form they took when they changed was the coyote but they can be other animals too. I’m not gonna go into much detail about it but that’s basically it. But I suggest you look up more if you want to. There’s not a lot on Wikipedia about the legend but it’s still very interesting. 



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